Bengie’s Price Drop

By / January 12, 2010 / Hot Stove is reporting catcher Bengie Molina has lowered his asking price. It looks like he is willing to lower the amount of years he is asking from three to two.

So then why has he not yet signed with the New York Mets?

My guess he is just stringing the Mets along until he gets a better offer from another team. The Mets need to just give him the kiss-ff. Set a deadline. If he does not sign by that time, go for someone else.

I’m tired of these free-agent games already.

Molina, either you want to be with the Mets or you don’t. Make up your bloody mind and sign on the freakin’ dotted line or walk out the door. I hope it smacks you right back to where you came from.

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