Blaming Beltran or Boras?

By / January 14, 2010 / Injuries

I’m sure every Mets fan and their mother has heard about what happened with Carlos Beltran. He had the microfracture surgery on his knee after all and is expected to miss 12 weeks.

Isn’t that just peachy?

Now, if you recall, I had said last year that he never should have come back and that he should have just had the surgery so that he would be ready for 2010. All of you thought I was crazy and thought it was great that he came back.

I wonder what you are thinking now.

I know what I am thinking. Want to hear? TOLD YOU!

Now that I got that out of my system, there is more to this story. Supposedly, according to Mets Assistant GM John Ricco, Beltran had the surgery without the Mets blessing.

Even more? Here it is. Jon Heyman said in a tweet that Beltran said:

spoke to omar tuesday … he did not ask me to wait … he just wished me well.

I thought we left the drama back in 2009. Now we are going to start with this?

Listen! I do not care who said what to who. Assistant GM John Ricco said that the Mets did not give Beltran or Boras permission for the surgery. In fact, Ricco stated that they wanted Beltran to wait and have a third opinion. Beltran did not wait.

Ricco and the Mets have sent out a letter to Boras regarding this because it apparently is a breach in the contract Beltran had signed with the team.

Here is what I would like to know. Who really pushed for this surgery to happen? Was it really Carlos Beltran or Scott Boras?

I would think Boras because he wants to protect his money. That is what all these players are to him. Just a sack full of easy money for him. Beltran’s contract is up in 2011. So Boras wants to make sure Beltran can get another big contract.

I say the Mets need to look into Carl Crawford. I am done with Boras and his stupid, selfish, and greedy ways.

I understand that some people feel Beltran did the right thing in getting the surgery. Was it needed? Yes. But it was taken care of at the wrong time. I do not want to hear about how he was fine at the end of the season. The bruise was not gone. It was still there. Are we supposed to believe it magically disappeared and then came back again?

We all knew that bruise was going to get bad again. It did. The surgery should have happened last year when they were initially talking about so that he would be ready for the 2010 season.

Now his season is in jeopardy. There is no guarantee that he can come back in 2010 despite what people are saying. At this point, with the Mets and their injured, I take everything with a grain of salt. I take it day-to-day. You have to . It is impossible to know what can happen.

So with this I blame everybody. I blame the Mets for not letting him have the surgery last year. I blame Carlos Beltran for not having the surgery last year and instead did it in the offseason when we are so close to Spring Training. I blame Scott Boras for being a greedy jerk and going around the Mets rather than through the Mets.

Who do you blame?

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Happy New Year Mets fans ! Welcome to 2009…ooops 2010. It sure feels like 09 all over again with this Beltran mess. Now you pretty much took all the words out of my mouth because i also blame everyone from the Wilpons,Omar,Bora$ and of course Beltran himself. Let’s hope he’s out for only April…smh ! Looks like Angel Pagan is the CF for a while and it’s not such a bad thing. Pagan will hold it down and play pretty well.


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