2010 Kicks Off Where 2009 Left Off

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The year 2009 left Mets fans with more bitter taste in their mouth than ten lemons could. Actually, we could call 2009 “The Lemon Year”.

When 2009 ended, we all thanked our lucky stars. It was the greatest present we could have gotten. I was never more relieved about that year ending in all of my baseball loving life. It was anything but merciful.

On December 31, 2009, while all the world was just counting down to the beginning of a new year, Mets fans were counting down for a new baseball year. With hopes of more signings that would make an impact to more than just player dilapidated Mets, but front office dysfunctionality as well.

The countdown to Spring Training in Port St. Lucie began just as the ball in Times Square dropped. We once again dared to dream. Some dreamed of just getting back into second place. Others dreamed of just a playoff berth by any means necessary, wild card or division championship. The really bold Mets fans dreamed of a 2010 Mets Championship.

It helped the Mets signed Jason Bay of course. Without that signing, I’m not sure anybody would even dream about anything less than third place.

Then it happened. The month of January was not even over before Mets fans were hit with a devastated blow that rocked their dreams so hard they nearly fell off of the pedestals. Carlos Beltran has microfracture surgery and would miss a minimum of 12 weeks. That’s the good news. The bad news that nobody is talking about is it could be the entire season.

So Mets fans will start 2010 right where 2009 left off, with a star player on the disabled list.

Mets fans go into a fresh season with more doubts than before. Why? The Mets are stuck with Angel Pagan as their centerfielder for Opening Day and beyond.

Are calls being made for a centerfielder? Probably not. They will rely on Pagan and possibly Mets oft-injured outfielding prospect Fernando Martinez.

Why? Well the Mets have a more pressing matter known as the starting rotation. Have you seen them? They are one big, hot mess.

So another season is coming faster than we would like. We would rather have more time so that Omar Minaya could possibly make more moves.

Here is something to be optimistic about:

The baseball season is right around the corner. The Mets may not be where we want them to be, but they are still our team. They are the team that we root for.

Mets fan Marie said it the best on Facebook:

Met fans NEVER give up….We Believe! Yes the last few years have been heartbreaking, we are strong and loyal….and with every new season, brings new joy and excitement!
Fellow fan Donna had this to say about the new season:
AMEN Marie….it is a new season and fresh start and i will not be negative till a t least July LOL

And with that, Mets fans of the blue and orange baseball team of New

So what if one star player went down. The Mets made it into the 2000 World Series with a bunch of nobodies like Benny Agbayani (not exactly the name of a star), Melvin More, Todd Pratt, Vance Wilson, and some guy named Matt Franco. They even had a guy named Bubba.

So are you going to just sit there and tell me the Mets have NO shot at making the playoffs?

The only star pitcher they had back then was Mike Hampton. Well we have Johan Santana who is ten times the pitcher Hampton was.

Ladies and gentlemen one player does not make a team. It takes 25 men to make a baseball team. If those 25 men are unknown, so be it. They could be the ones to bring you that championship.

Take heart Mets fans. The 2010 season is going to begin. Get your voices ready. Get the grills fired up. Call your friends for the tailgating parties. We are going to get this party started.

No more, “Woe is us” attitudes. This is New York City. We have attitudes and we are going to give every baseball team in America that attitude that makes us famous.

I want all of you to head to the stores. Go to your closets. Start airing out your Mets apparel. Get your orange and blue in tip top shape. I want to see this city painted in the colors that we choose to cover ourselves in.

You chose this team to root for. Now give them everything you’ve got. Cheer them on through thick and thin. Let your voices be heard.

This is a new season. A fresh start. A new chance to make new memories. Let’s make it happen people.

This season only starts where ’09 left off if you let it. This separates the die-hards from the casuals…the hard asses from the wishy-washy.

I want to hear you. I want to hear all of you. Bring the noise of Shea Stadium to Citi Field. We are going to bring some of the Shea magic to this ballpark.

We will start with this:

I am officially starting the first chant of 2010:


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