Molina Is History

By / January 19, 2010 / Hot Stove

In a tweet Buster Olney reported that catcher Bengie Molina, you know that catcher that the Mets have been in pursuit of for what seems like forever, has rejected the Mets latest offer.

Onley feels the Mets are now going to just put their efforts in obtaining the services of a pitcher. Some of you may not like the one they are going after: Joel Piniero.

Glad to hear the Mets are FINALLY putting their efforts into getting someone else. Part of me is happy Molina kicked the Mets to the curb because that is what was needed so that Omar Minaya can focus on other areas of the team that still have yet to be filled.

Catcher is not the only area. How about first base? Obviously pitching is a very shady area on this team. I get heartburn just thinking about our very sad pitching staff.

Some people want the Mets to go after a centerfielder since Carlos Beltran is not going to join the team for 12 weeks. That’s being optimistic. Why get someone who is only going to be a temp? Why throw money at a temp? Stick with what you have in-house. CF is not that glaring to worry about right now.

At this very point in time, pitching is what we should all be worrying about. Glad the Mets are now too.

I hate when players waste the valuable time of management. This time, I think the Mets gave him too much attention.

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