Injury Updates: Santana and Ollie

By / January 25, 2010 / Injuries, Spring Training

Remember that plethora of injuries the Mets pitchers suffered last year where a number required surgeries?

Well here is where things get tested: Port St. Lucie.

Johan Santana and Oliver Perez are both in PSL right now and Santana is set to test his elbow tomorrow. A number of Mets players are in PSL for the Mets mini camp.

The Mets ace had his season end early because he needed arthroscopic surgery to remove bone chips from his golden arm. When asked how he felt, Santana had this to say:

I’m feeling good. Time will tell, but I am feeling good.

We did a pretty good job with the offseason, working out and doing all the rehab, and I’m feeling good. Everything is on schedule.

Time will tell? Señor Santana, the Mets are out of time. The fans are out for blood this year. You have no choice but to be ready. Yet I think fans will be more patient with him this year.

The one pitcher who has worn out the patience of Mets fans, and I’m sure some front office execs, is Perez. He is more puzzling than a Rubik’s cube. So rather than figure him out, we let him be. Well, after a few “boos” here and there.

So journalists were curious as to how he felt. His response?

Right now I don’t feel anything. I think that’s why I’m really happy.

I hate to tell him that when he hits New York, he will have very little to be happy about until he actually performs like a $36 million pitcher should.

Take what he says with a grain of salt.

If Perez can actually get through six innings while only giving up three runs, I will be singing to the high heavens. I will start looking for Angels on the pitching mound.

Even if Perez manages to become a decent pitcher, Mets fans still have plenty to be weary of with Mike Pelfrey and John Maine.

Now you all know how much I LOVE Pelfrey. When he first came up and pitched, I nearly cursed out fans for booing him.

Yet after last year, I even started to question him. When it came right down to it, he proved he could not handle the pressure of being the number one guy. That bothers me because if Omar Minaya fails to bring in a number two pitcher, we are left with Pelfrey. I’m not comfortable with that. Are you?

Then there is the number five spot. Who gets it? Jonathon Niese? He had season ending surgery too.

Well, camp has not even officially begun yet. So let’s not worry our pretty heads off. Not yet anyway.

Source: ESPN

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