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According to Jeff Fletcher of AOL FanHouse, the deal is for one year, $10 million. That is crazy. I would not have spent that much for one year.

So I’m sure you have heard from CBSSports and other outlets that Ben Sheets is now with the Oakland A’s. While some of you may not be surprised, I actually am. I thought the Mets would have gotten him.

Anyway, the deal is for one year, $8 million. Now does that not just blow your mind? How the heck did they get Sheets for that and the Mets could not? The guy was asking for two years, $10-12 million.

The A’s got him for ONE YEAR!

I’m a little pissed despite I was not so sure I wanted him.

So now the Mets have made an offer to John Smoltz. Well, at least Joe DeMayo of NYBD seems to think so. What the offer is and if it happened remains to be seen.

But seriously? We have to deal with another Brave? Did the Mets NOT learn their lesson from the first one? Now I’m not going to completely knock Tom Glavine. He did do some things right. It is amazing, though, how one comment can ruin you in New York. Now, we do not want any Braves.

So who else are the Mets going to make a run for? Chien-Ming Wang and Jon Garland. Heaven help us! Wang will be throwing off a mound within two weeks.

TWO WEEKS??? We’re supposed to wait two weeks? Unbelievable! Pitchers and catchers are supposed to reporting in three weeks. It would be nice to have a pitcher there who can actually pitch without worrying about his arm falling off.


In other news, Xavier Nady has signed with the Chicago Cubs for one year pending a physical. There goes one guy I would have liked at first base.

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Ed Leyro

Can we just forfeit the season right now? Now word is coming out that your beloved Orlando Hudson is considering signing with the Washington Nationals. Is every player who wanted so badly to play for the Mets (see Jason Marquis) going over to the Nats? How is it that players would rather play for these losing teams (Marquis and maybe O-Dog with Washington, Sheets with Oakland, Garland with San Diego) than for the Mets?

It seems like forever since Pedro Martinez and Carlos Beltran made this the place for free agents to sign. Now it’s a black hole here…


I posted this on WFAN’s site a few days ago and in the wake of this news, I stand by it. Just keep in mind I am not a Mets hater, I am an opinioned and empassioned Mets fan for almost 30 years. I would love to get opinions on this. ********My only guess is that the brass in queens doesn’t care about the average fan. Sure they care about what the jerry seinfeld’s of the world have to say, because they pay the enormous prices for season tickets in luxury boxes without blinking. As for the average fan, they either don’t care or they don’t have a clue how to build a competitive ball club. They are like a guy who is rebuilding a car and spends 50k on a sound system but buys the engine and everything else at the junk yard. Nothing works, but at least he has an awesome stereo. Clueless. They buy junk parts and trade for garbage and try to sell us on the fact that at least they are trying. What a joke. Cut castillo and sign hudson, get hank blaylock, forget delgado. go after some pitching, don’t overpay for a questionable sheets or even worse smoltz. are you joking? CLUELESS!!! ************* P.S. You’re doing a fantastic job here so keep it up many people like me look forward to it daily. Thanks.

Tanya Mercado

Thank you, Frank. I appreciate that. I wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t the support of you and my other readers. So thank you for visiting and commenting.

As for your comment, I agree to a certain extent. I don’t think they even care about the “Jerry Seinfeld’s” either. If they did, then they would make even more of an effort because those people spend so much money to see the games.

Plus, you are one of the very few fans who did not want Sheets. I applaud you. I had some readers telling me on FB that the Mets should have paid him $10 million. They felt they should have done whatever it took to bring him here. I disagree. I’m not going to give that type of money to a player who has not been in the game for a year. I just do not see the logic. I don’t care if there is a huge upside. I don’t think the Mets are going to go after Delgado. He has zero range at first base anymore. He is just a DH.

The Coop

I think the Mets should have taken a gander on Ben Sheets but I’m not even sure they were even serious about being in the “thick” of things with him. That said, Ken Rosenthal has a piece today on Mets organization and how they are mismanaged from the ownership on down. The mets better figure out just what the heck they are doing so they aren’t caught with this team (Nieve in the starting rotation!) going into the season.


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