A New Era For Mets Fans

By / February 11, 2010 / 2010 Season

Once again the Mets have done nothing but fed their fans with nothing but lies. From the “we care what our fans think” to “we will do whatever it takes”, Mets fans are expected to do nothing but accept it.

The Mets have said that they have no money. So they have not been able to spend money on pitchers they should have gone after.

Well, with the money they claim not to have, they are fixing up Citi Field. They are lowering the wall in front of the home run apple. They insist on making foolish signings.

Money is there. It was never an issue. It is just being spent recklessly. No real thought could possibly be going into what is being spent.

If it was, then the Mets would leave the stupid wall alone. They would be going after a much need pitcher. THEY WOULD STOP SIGNING CATCHERS!

I mean, seriously? How many catchers do we really need? They signed Shawn Riggans to a minor league deal. Why? Probably because they want to feel like they are doing something.

Ya know I have seriously had about enough of this crap. I’m tired of the Mets trying to just string their fanbase along. Like they really care about the fans? Yeah right! They care about the fans like the Republicans care about the middle and lower class.

Jeff Wilpon and company could care less. He just wants the money. He has zero knowledge of how to run a baseball organization.

You thought things were bad with his dad? At least his dad did some good when he signed those big checks for Carlos Beltran and…well I would say Pedro Martinez, but that did not work too well for us.

The Chinese have their different years like the year of the monkey or chicken. So do Mets fans. Only our animal lasts for years.

This is not the Fred Coupon Era. Far from it.

We have reached a new era. This is the era of lies and ineptitude. It is the era of selfishness and deceit.

Mets fans, I welcome you to the Jeff Wilpon Era, the year(s) of the Jackass.

Go ahead and cry. I did!

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Denise Winter

the year of the jackass … I love it!!! my friend declined her season ticket purchase offer for the 2010 season. she said it was too much money to spend on a team that may or may not produce. she usually gets 4 seats, that’s over $30,000. I’m sure they will sell the seats, but my friend won’t be the sucker!! LOL And by the way, I am a republican LOL

Tanya Mercado

LOL! Sorry D. You may want to switch parties. I’m an Independent. lol

But I don’t blame your friend. I think it is disgusting that the fans should have to shell out so much money for a team that still has question marks. I’m still trying to stay positive because so far (knock on wood) the team is healthy. But as far as ownership goes, I am very worried.


I mentioned in an earlier comment, that I felt the Mets brass didn’t have a clue. I still stand by that and Omar and the Wilpons are making my opinions look like the musings of a genius. Thanks guys. I must say I do like the signing of Jacobs, he still can produce and maybe help. I like Keith Hernandez giving fielding lessons as if these professionals were still in the little league. I just don’t get the notion of looking to Japan for average pitchers in a Japanese league and mediocre talent at best in the minors to compete for spring training invites. This is pathetic! Do us all a HUGE favor Wilpons, sell the bloody team! Keep them in Queens and sell it to someone that has a clue. Maybe you’ll have enough money left over to get over your so called bankruptcy. As always, I love your posts and I commented on the last one too so please check it out and give me your thoughts. Keep up the blogging and we’ll keep up the reading. Thank you. Go Mets!

Tanya Mercado

The Wilpons will never sell the team. So Mets fans have a choice: keep rooting or root for someone else other than the Yankees.

I hate the Takahashi signing. Personally, I think the Mets should stay out of Japan. It has done nothing for us. I like Jacobs. He did awful in KC, but I see him more as an NL player. I think he has a better shot than Tatis at platooning with Murphy. Having vets like Keith, Straw, and others has always been something I’ve been a huge advocate of. Who is better to teach these guys than those who have, not just played the position, but played on the team. They know what it takes and hopefully these kids can pick up on their swagger.

Thanks Frank. I am trying really hard to keep up with it. Once ST starts, I’ll be in full swing again. So they’ll be plenty reason to come back 🙂 Thanks for reading and look forward to more comments.


What great pitcher was out there? I’m sorry but Jon Lackey was not worth the money in my opinion….. The pitchers that got signed were way over price…. Joel Pineiro wanting 40 million, are you kidding?…. hoping the same pitching staff comes back healthy the one we all loved last year and rebounds……

Tanya Mercado

Alan all of the money did not have to go to one pitcher. It could have gone to two starters and one or two ‘pen arms. I don’t care if all of the catchers got minor league deals. How many did we really need? Money was spent foolishly. The rotation needed help as well and nothing was done. We have to rely on the injured coming back.

I think Phil has a great point (BTW, welcome back Phil. We missed you). The Mets will always be compared to the Yankees. They have deep pockets. The difference is the Yanks are smart in how the spend it. If the Mets had CitiField built properly the first time, they would not have to be spending so much money now to fix it. The money could have gone elsewhere.

Phil Groh

Our cross town rivals did some serious upgrading! Why not the Mets?? Cluelessness, plain and simple. As it stands now, I’ll only go to see them when Johan is pitching. I’ve said it many times before; Lets Go Mets 2011!


I think some Mets fans are in denial. I used to be one of them sayin, “believe in the 2010 mets.” I think there is nothing to believe in. No money, no new superstars, no RELIEF! Im going to British soccer where ironically, my fav team, Manchester United, is $800 million in debt….but they can PLAY AND WIN! (18 time English champs!)

Phil Groh

Tanya, I never left. While I don’t comment very often on any blog, trust me I’m around.

My heart will always be with the Mets as a team, but ownership and the GM MUST GO!

I’d have more respect for ownership if they’d only admit publically that the team was hurt by the Madoff scandal. They certainly not doing whatever it takes to win.

The GM (aka he who must not be named!) continually demonstrates his ineptitiude with mismanaging injuries, mismanaging his pet (I can never remember the guy’s name let alone spell it!), and far more bonehead signings that good ones. And now the Beltran fiasco …….. coupled with signing a bizillion catchers. Go figure!

The Shankees got the bucks, and they are smart about spending it. IT IS VERY FAIR TO COMPARE THE TWO TEAMS! Our Mets will always play second fiddle to them until this regime is gone, and we can hope and pray that the next regime will have what it takes to win!

Until then, I’ll watch all the games that I can for free on TV and will only go to a game when Johan is pitching. I’m out of blue and orange blood to give, and I hope and pray that I am 1000% wrong about the 2010 team!


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