True Dedication or Pure Stupidity?

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I was over at the Remembering Shea site when I read this:

I’m just saying…Not that we can do anything to fix the problem. Or can we?

DyHrdMET, which if anyone has seen him tell him I said “hello”, was talking about the dysfunction of the Mets organization and how the fans can or cannot do something about it.

Well this is something I have spoken about countless times before. Yes about both, but mostly about the fans doing something about it. It is not a new topic.

I have said in other blogs that if Mets fans really want to make a statement, to stop going to the games. Stop spending your money. You always hit corporate in their pockets. That’s where they feel it the most. Not by ranting raving on the radio or Loudmouths or websites they do not visit.

Some people would make this statement about Mets fans:

Mets fans are some of the most dedicated fans in baseball. Their owners slap them in the face and they still go to the games.

Others will make this statement:

Mets fans are the dumbest fans in all of baseball. They throw their money at the owners while the owners just laugh at them knowing how foolish the fan base is.

Where do I stand? Well I’m a Mets writer and a Mets fan. I’m supposed to be impartial. I will say that I think Mets fans tend to be a little gullible.

Not all fans are though. Let me say that before I get into some trouble.

CFoD reader, Denise Winter, was telling me how a friend of hers is not renewing her season tickets this year because she is so disgusted. Her friend normally buys four seats valuing at around $30,000.

She is not the only one. There are countless others who refuse to renew their season tickets. Even people who normally do the smaller packs are just not having it at all. They are sick of the garbage.

These are the smart fans. These are the truly dedicated fans. They are so dedicated and passionate about their team they are willing to forgo their passes to send a message to ownership that what is being projected about the organization is not acceptable.

These are the fans that are taking a stand and trying to show ownership who the real bosses and owners of this team are.

That’s right. The owners of the New York Mets are not the Wilpons. They are the fans.

Think about it.

Anybody can sign a check. Anybody can place their John/Jane Hancock on a piece of paper. However, it would not happen if the fans did not spend the money. Where would the Wilpons get the money, especially if they are so “broke”?

Last year I made a statement that fans should stop going to games and send a message. I still stand by that. Yet I propose the fans do something different this year.

Consider this. CFoD reader, Alan, does the whole tailgating thing before some games.

I think it would be interesting to have nothing but tailgating parties for one weekend in the Citi Field parking lot. Nobody is to set foot inside Citi Field for those games. Yes, this is to be done during home games.

No money is to be spent for that entire week on the New York Mets. No games. No shopping. No food from the ballpark.

I would love to see the look on the faces of the Wilpons when they see nothing but tailgating parties going on outside of the park during a game and not a lot of people inside the ballpark.

I think it would be funny if the cheers from outside the park are louder than inside the park.

But I know this will not happen.

Why? Because Mets fans want to see their team play. They want to root for their team. Yes, Mets fans are passionate about their team. They are also passionate about something else:


This is why Mets fans will keep going to the games. Say what you want about them. Despite the disgracefulness of the front office, Mets fans are there to cheer on their team.

The execs do not play the game. The players do. The fans want to see the players play: win or lose.

That’s why the Mets fan base is in a league all their own.

They are not like Cubs fans. The Cubs, for the most part, always compete. That fan base loves their team despite no championship in over 100 years because they at least compete for one.

Mets fans get that every, I don’t know, six to ten years or so?

You always come back for more.

Dedicated or stupid?

I say neither. I think I’ll go with dedicated and eccentric.

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Hi Tanya. Even though I don’t comment often, I still read. Thanks for reading my blog.

Let me say this about my plans for going to Mets games in Queens. I’d be surprised if I went to 4 this year, my smallest number since 2005 (I moved within a mile of a good train station in NJ in 2006 and started taking the train to the game to go to a lot more games while rarely driving in, but the Mets were worth watching and Shea was worth walking around until 2008). I was part of a group splitting full season tickets starting in late 2006 and we all decided NOT to renew our seats (team’s play was only part of my reasoning, but some in our group didn’t seem to care but they wanted better and more expensive seats). That was 4-5 games, and I also added a few more. I’m cutting back. I don’t think I can completely boycot the Mets, but going to maybe I’ll go to 2 games.

I do like the idea of the in-game tailgate party. But you’re still paying $19 to the Mets for the privilege to park on sacred ground (Shea’s footprint, at least there’s no chalk outline). Would it be wrong if I showed up for that event coming in by train? Maybe if one or two cars drove in with the grills and food and everyone else came by train and they split the costs. I’d do it. I went to see Shea on a cold Saturday last January when there wasn’t even a game, so I’d come out to make this statement.

Mets fans, at least those that I hear opinions from (mainly the blogging community) seems like a volitaile group that could start a real mutiny in 6 months if things don’t get a whole lot better.

Denise Winter

I hope you mean tailgate outside the Citi Field fences…b/c it costs $18 to park and that goes to the Mets!!! LOL Great post…pretty much sums up the feelings of all us Mets fans!!

Tanya Mercado

Denise – LOL! Yeah I realized that after the fact. I forgot about the parking. But we can make it work. Somehow. lol

dyhrdmet – You have a great site. I like what you write about. I’m sure you do visit here. But I miss your comments. You always give me something to think about. It makes me a better writer.

You’re right though. We are a volatile group. But we need people to get on board with this to make it really work. I don’t think any Mets fan could completely boycott. I wouldn’t ask for that either. I couldn’t do it. lol But something does need to be done.


Thank you Tanya. I’ll tell you what I’m thinking about. I want to think positive about Spring Training 2010, but the Mets are making it hard. Good play or bad play, it won’t impact my vacation plans to head to PSL in about 5 weeks. I want to take the time period of Spring Training to just watch baseball (in person or on TV) to fill the void of no baseball that’s been in place since last October. Any professional baseball will do. But knowing the Mets, I fear they may ruin some of that too (not all the Spring Training games I’ll see involve the Mets, so that’s good). It’s too early, for me, to have any real thoughts about what the Opening Day lineup will be – so many question marks, there’s always the risk of injuries, and a trade or late Free Agent signing may happen. I don’t expect much from them, but if they regress back to their ways in the Casey Stengel era, things could get real ugly real fast. Maybe I need to dig up the mutiny post that I wrote last summer, somewhat in jest, before things turned really ugly on the season. I’ve been quiet on this subject most of the winter because there’s only so many times you can say things before it loses meaning (and it also works better when it’s pent up emotion). P’s and C’s report in a week, so I’ll have my muse (the Mets on the field with daily activity) back.

We can try to make the Mets change their ways by making a point on our respective blogs (I know of at least one blog that Mets people read), but the only thing that will really fix things is to rid ourselves of the Wilpons. Unfortunately, it probably means fans leaving one by one to separate themselves before it means the end of the Wilpon era (maybe little Jeffy has a real child prodigy on his hands who can take over someday).

And to expand on the idea of the in-game tailgate, what if it was the entire blogging community and friends, and just to stick it to the Coupons, EVERYONE came via mass transit so that nobody paid for parking. A few folks bring radios, and everyone brings snacks or something (no cars, no grill equipment) to eat, and we just sit/stand out in the parking lot listening to the game, not paying the Mets one penny for being there. Maybe it’s the vocal minority compared to the number of Mets fans, but it’s lots of people with a voice, and also a good way for us all to meet each other in person (if we’re in the parking lot, we can actually call it “Bloggers Day at Shea”).


I completely agree with Tanya. I think the Mets brass is out of touch with the average fan and I believe if fans were to stage something like that, they’d notice. Pure genius. We live in an age of technology. You could not only listen to the game, from the parking lot or at least closest to the stadium that the players can hear you, but you can watch it too. The players take pride in crowd size. Don’t let them fool you with “love of the game” talk, if they play in front of smaller crowds in the stadium, than outside of it, they will be complaining to management. Management, in return, will listen to the outcry of those passionate fans that we all profess to be. Then, and only then, will they care about not wasting money on minor league deals and worry about re building the bullpen or adding a starter and an inexpensive bat. They don’t read blogs or listen to sports radio often enough for our opinions to be noted. This may just be the ticket. Bravo, well done once again Tayna. You have your finger on the pulse of the fan, unlike some owners or gm’s I can think of.

Phil Groh

Tanya, great post! I agree with dyhrdmet, a real mutiny can happen in 6 months if things don’t get a whole lot better.


You know what? I get sick and tired of people calling the Wilpons the Coupons. Get your facts straight! I love met fans. But some of them just enjoy being miserable! You know, I will take my families to met games this year because that is what met fans do. The idea of a mutiny or a protest really puzzles me. You know most people leave a 10-2 game in the 8th inning, others leave basketball games with 2 mins left because its a blow out. I go to games for the experience and to root my team on. I talk to my son about the game, the players, good plays and poor decisions. That is what baseball is about. The mets have spent a lot of money the last decade. No one can agrue that. They have made trades. The baseball decisions haven’t been great, but the money has been spent. Can you blame the Wilpons for not wanting to just throw money around this year when it hasn’t worked the last two? What the mets need to do is work on their scouting and player development. They need to bring in more homegrown talent. Especially pitchers – Mets have always been an organization that has produced very good pitchers! Not lately. The problem within the organization is that the baseball decisions are not handled correctly. Once we fix this, then the mets will be competitive again. Take the Red Sox, Phillies, and braves. Use their model. They stocked up on talent and developed them.


spend a lot of money or save money, i want to see the club make smart decisions. they do a lot of stupid things. in the end, we’re in the stands watching a ballgame and there’s players on the field. it’s our enjoyment of this that these smart and stupid decisions impacts. we’re paying for a product (in many different ways), and we want enjoyment from that product. I’ve been saying since last spring or summer that the Mets need to get smart, clean out some dead weight (both on the field and off) and rebuild into a long-term winner (similar to what started about 30 years ago), like those other teams that keep coming back to the playoffs. Unfortunately, I don’t see things turning around under the current ownership, and every decision (good or bad) starts with them and those they employ.


Tanya… You always make me smile. Thank you!

Dyhrd – I couldn’t agree more with what you said. The baseball decisions have been poor the last couple of years. There is no future in the farm system. You are right, it is our own personal choices to spend money on a game. I will always choose to spend money, regardless if they are winning or not, because it is my families’ tradition. Remember those lean years with Bobby Bo and Eddie Murray… Frank Viola, Pete Harnish. Mr. 3 years too late Brett Saberhagen. lol. I watched those teams play every day and went to many many games…


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