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By / February 22, 2010 / Media, Spring Training

So little Jeffy boy thinks that he is the only one who can speak for the Mets and the Wilpon family.

Well, the Senior Wilpon has broken his silence. In doing so, he confirmed what Mets fans have been dreading. He intends for the Wilpon clan to own the New York Mets for generations to come.

In layman’s terms: He ain’t sellin’ so get over it.

CFoD reader Ray down in Palm Bay, FL (thanks for the correction Ray and sorry lol) had this to say about it on the CFoD fan page on FB:

I think he has done an adequate job. Remember where the Mets were before Wilpon. He has opened the wallet, just some bad player signings and recently bad farm system.

I have to say I found that comment interesting. Most people have felt that the Wilpons have made the Mets nothing more than one big, or rather HUGE, hot mess.

During the offseason, I have found myself trying to side with the elder Wilpon.

I agree with Ray. I mean, since Omar Minaya came to town, Fred Wilpon has opened his wallet. Even if it did give him heart palpitations. He was no longer known as “Fred Coupon”. So nobody can really fault him for that. It is what we wanted.

What can we fault him for? Letting Junior take the reins and be in the spotlight. It seems the elder Wilpon knows that his place, for the most part, is not in the media but in the front office signing paychecks.

Here are a couple of quotes from El Señor:

Jeff and I don’t pick the baseball players.

I can tell you they [the Mets baseball people] said to us, ‘We do not want to go two years on this one,’ or, ‘We don’t want to go five years on this one,’ whatever it might have been, and we said, ‘That’s your call. You’ve got to call that.’ We followed it.

Fred has a good head on his shoulders. I just wished he passed it on to his son, who will be taking over the team completely in due time. So dear God please help us. Start rackin’ up on TUMS for that event.

Wilpon knows what it takes and understands what the fans want. He said the offseason was “torture” for him as well. Why? Because he is not just an owner, but a fan. I think that is a part of what makes a great owner. You have to be a fan. Not necessarily of the team you own, but of the sport in general.

For years, Fred Wilpon has taken slack from Mets fans and rightfully so. There were a lot of reasons to want the man out. Yet he has proven that he can be trusted.

The member of the family that you really have to be worried about is Jeff Wilpon. The man with the light bulb in his head that just refuses to turn on.

Here is a great quote from Wilpon Senior about the 2010 Mets:

So I think that if they stay healthy, they have some great players and now our people have to translate that into a great team, and that’s what my optimism is about, and what my hope is about.

That last sentence is what the 2010 Mets are all about. I think every Mets fan should take a page out of Mr. Wilpons book on this one. For a change, you can learn something from him.

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Fred is a good guy who cares about the Mets. Jeff is a guy who’s EGO cares and that is the biggest problem with junior. God help all us Mets fans when Fred is no longer with us……smh.


I agree but only to a point. I don’t believe that he understands what the fans want as much as some would think. If he did indeed understand that, he wouldn’t have had to change colors in the stadium and add a museum, etc. I also, think that optimism is wonderful and truly needed, however, optimism will not help the pitching staff after Johan Santana, only health and experience can do that. If they added another arm with some experience to help Pelfrey and co., it could’ve helped the entire staff. The same theory as having an experienced catcher in the minors to help Thole. Remember what an impact that Leiter had on Reed and the staff or Glavine had on his staff. That matters. Santana can’t do it all. He was supposed to be that experience with someone, like a Pedro Martinez. Now he is alone with a less than stellar and under experienced staff. Experience would’ve helped. Wilpon is aggressive most of the time, so that’s why this past offseason was torture for all fans. I do think there is too much blaming going around. Omar said he doesn’t authority without Jeff, Jeff says he doesn’t have as much of a say as his “baseball people”, it’s too much blame. Somebody take a stand and take responsibility for a change and perhaps the franchise can change direction.


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