The Real Mets Rivalries

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Ah! Baseball is back! It feels so good. Wouldn’t you agree?

Well the Mets are playing against the Atlanta Braves as I type this. Nelson Figueroa is pitching. Got a little dicey, but it is just Spring Training.

However, this game got me thinking about who are the real rivals of the New York Mets.

What is a rivalry?

Well it is pretty much bad blood between any two teams that has been going on for years.

A fantastic example is the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees rivalry. That is the biggest rivalry in baseball that started in the early 1900’s. You know the story so I will not get into it.

So now I ask. Who are the rivals of the New York Mets?

I had a couple argue that the St. Louis Cardinals are. Others say the Chicago Cubs. I had one person say the Houston Astros. Maybe the Florida Marlins after 2007 and 2008?

I am not talking about the New York Yankees. They are in another league.

But when you think of Mets rivals, only one team comes to mind: The Atlanta Braves.

You can bring up the Philadelphia Phillies. The problem is, there is no real history of bad blood between the Mets and Phils because the Phils were pretty much a “who-the-hell-cares” team until 2006.

Now the Mets-Braves rivalry, WOW! I have always loved that one. It was always intense.

I think the rivalry really came to a head after John Rocker made the most racist comments about New Yorkers this side of the United States. I remember I wanted to take a baseball bat and beat his skull in.

Chipper Jones added to the rivalry by naming his child Shea and said:

I love playing there, check the numbers.

Mets fans loved to hate Chipper. Every game you could hear them chant:


When Andruw Jones came to the plate, we would hold our breath because it was almost a guarantee he was going to do some damage. Then there was Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, and John Smoltz.

The two teams would go back and forth during the late 90’s to see who the top dog would be.

Sad to say the rivalry has since started to fizzle out. The Mets-Phillies rivalry is taking its place. You go to a Mets-Braves game and you just do not get the same feeling. Unless you grew up watching the rivalry, it means nothing to you.

I think it is really, really sad.

I remember having screaming matches with Braves fans at Shea Stadium. One time I heard a Braves fan screaming something, I don’t remember what, from the field level. I was sitting in loge above them. I wanted to take my soda and pour it on them just to shut them up.

A Mets-Phillies rivalry is starting. But it is all about how long it will last. How intense will it get? Has it already peaked?

Does anyone even give a care about the Mets and Braves rivalry anymore?

I do! And I miss it!

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Cliff Zier

Great article! I agree, the Braves. Ironically, Chipper’s child now needs to be re-named or given up for adoption. How about John Rocker? Loser.
The games themselves were always drag out boxing matches. Great games.
That’s what always attracted me.


Before 1998, the mets rivals were the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs. These were the two teams the mets and their fans hated. Both teams handed the mets heart breaking loses and both teams provided drama on the field, even a couple of brawls. In the 90’s when the divisions were broken up again, St. Louis and Chicago didn’t play the mets as often. However, Atlanta quickly became the team to hate because they were so good. The Mets, however, were not until Piazza join them. Since 98, Atlanta has been the mets number one rival. Tanya, I agree with you. I can’t stand the Braves. They have everything you need in a rival. They are a good team, it is easy to not like their best player (because he is good and rips us), it is easy to not like the manager, and they have a dumb gimmick. All these things add to our hatred of the braves. And think of it, some of our worst moments have come against the braves. Kenny Rogers and Benetiz blowing game 7, Maddux one hitting the Mets, Braves beating the mets on a pinch-hit two out 3 run homer by a back up catcher (late in the season 2008). Martin Prado having 5 hits in one game at Citi. But, we have also had some great moments against the mets. Ventura game winning over the fence single, Piazza homerun after 9-11, Piazza capping off an 8 run inning with a 3 run bomb down the line to propell the Mets to a 11-8 victory, Piazza’s homerun off of Smotz that tied game 7 at 6, after the mets were down 6 – 0.

And yes, I was happy that the mets beat them yesterday 4-2. Let’s go mets. Suck it Chipper!


Tanya, I think you are close on this one. It really all depends on who you ask. If you ask the original Mets fans from the 60’s, they’ll say the Cubbies. If you ask the 80’s fan, they’ll say the Cards. If you ask the younger Mets fans, they most likely will say the Braves, but there are a few things to keep in mind. The word rivalry doesn’t have to mean bad blood. Sisters have rivalries, so do cousins. So do neighbors. With that in mind allow me to suggest something radical. I think they all are our rivals. At some point or another we have declared war on them all. I will also include to that, the Yanks. Remember this, since the advent of interleague play, every town in the city and surrounding areas have been consumed by the sibling rivalry that is Mets-Yankees. Even culminating into a World Series heartbreak. We as Mets fans, like America declare war all of the time. How many different countries has America been at war with? Too many. That doesn’t even include the Native Americans or ourselves countless times. Every generation of soldier remembers and holds contempt for some country we’ve fought. So it is as the Mets also. We harbor many good and bad memories for many rival teams. Whether it be our sister in a World Series or the many division rivals that mock and curse us. We are united in our rivalry against the League. Great post though, a wonderful conversation stimulator. Let’s go Mets!


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