Is The Media Going Too Far?

By / March 8, 2010 / Injuries, Media

If you tuned in to the Boomer and Carton show on WFAN today, you are probably a little pissed as I am.

Here is what happened. Mike Lupica of the NY Daily News wrote a fantastic article on the whole Jose Reyes and HGH topic. I LOVE Mike Lupica. He is one of the few sports writers that I do like. To Lupica’s credit, he does NOT say that Reyes took any HGH. Nobody is even saying he ALLEGEDLY took any. Well, nobody except Carton.

Yes, that is what Carton said. He seems to think that he is an expert in the field. Well, he said he spoke with a doctor. Here’s what he said:

I spoke to doctors.

Well I hope those “doctors”, if you really did talk to any, are not your doctor, Mr. Carton. Based on some preliminary research I have done, in no way, shape or form is a hyperactive thyroid even related to HGH. It is not even a way of treating it. If Reyes were to have “healed faster” like HGH is supposedly supposed to help with, then HGH certainly did not do it’s job since Reyes missed the rest of the season.

Carton you were careless. There is no other way to go about it.

Do us all a favor, Mr. Carton. Stop trying to be the shock jock of sports radio. You suck at it and at some point, you are going to bring WFAN a big lawsuit. Freedom of speech only goes so far.

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Unfortunately especially in NY related media, if it bleeds, it leads. Any kind of controversy, esp linked to the Mets, is going to be targeted upon by the blood-hungry sharks of the local sports sites. WFAN is a “Mets” network, yet it surprises how anti-Met some of their flagship franchises (Francessa, Carton, etc) can be at times. Well, maybe not, since we live in Yankee territory. Ha ha. But I am with you — The Lip has been a fave of mine since I could read the sports pages basically. He seems tp be one of the few fair ones out there.


I don’t listen to Carton. He knows nothing about sports. Everytime he talks I am reminded of the famous worlds from the principal of Billy Madison, “We are all dumber for having listen to that, may God have mercy on your soul.”


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