News: Reyes Has Hyper Thyroid

By / March 9, 2010 / Injuries, Spring Training

Well no duh! We kind of figured that out already. What kills me is how everybody is acting like it is breaking news. Not so much people! We knew this already. This is just confirmation.

This is how it is done Carton. You wait confirmation before you talk out of your ass.

They are still awaiting further testing on more blood work that was done which will not be until around Thursday. They need it to figure out the treatment.

I know one treatment it won’t be: HGH

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Reyes might have a hyperactive gland, but it’s the fans and some media that seem to be acting a bit hyper with this. I know this isn’t a baseball injury being treated by Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, and Dr. Howard, New York’s arm and leg experts (Mets trainers), but it’s still good that there hasn’t been any criticsm towards the Mets in how this has been handled.


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