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By / March 10, 2010 / Injuries, Spring Training

Do you remember a game called “Telephone” from when you were a kid? Maybe the girls do more than the guys. Anyway, the objective of the game was you tell the person next to you something. They pass it exactly how you said it to the next person and so on and so on. Usually by the time the message gets to the last person, it is completely different from the original message.

It was one of my favorites as a kid.

Well, the Mets seem to be playing this game. People just cannot seem to get on the same wavelength. The Mets are saying one thing and the players are saying something else. This is just so wonderful.

First it Carlos Beltran with his surgery and “he said” “she said” crap. Now it is Jose Reyes. The Mets have been saying, and GM Omar Minaya said it again during the presser that Reyes has a “elevated thyroid levels”. Again, DUH!

Here is the kicker. Reyes told ESPNDeportes.com that he is fine and he was told by doctors he just has an inflammation in his throat.

Mr. Reyes, I am going to assume you never took anatomy and physiology because if you did, you would know that is where the thyroid is.

Anyway, Reyes is not buying what the doctors are telling him in New York. Here’s what I have to wonder. Could Reyes possibly be saying that because he just wants to play already? I mean, think about it. He missed almost all of last year. Don’t you think he would be anxious to play already?

So is this a case of protecting Reyes, bad communication, or an overeager shortstop? You decide.

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Denise Winter

“So is this a case of protecting Reyes, bad communication, or an overeager shortstop? You decide.”

Unfortunately, I think its a combination of all three!!! The season didn’t even start yet and we’re dealing with crap. Can’t wait for April…LOL


At this point i just wanna see Baseball @ Citi Field nothing else.


Hands down, bad communication. This is not the only example. I wrote something on my blog about Escobar thinking about retiring. Tanya, this organization doesn’t think things through. I hate to say that, but it’s the truth. Beltran, Reyes, Escobar, etc, I could go on. They need to get an organizational lobotomy. This season has yet to begin and no other team is dealing with so much crap. This is why the franchise is looked down on by other GMs and experts in the league. I have read many experts opinions on the Mets and they look at them like the village idiot. I guess that makes us all the villagers that gather around the idiot to be entertained by his idiocrisy.


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