The Brilliance of Minaya

By / March 19, 2010 / 2010 Season, Spring Training

Talk all the smack you want about New York Mets GM Omar Minaya, but you have to give him credit. While most of you, yes you, were talking out of your butts for Minaya to trade away the farm for a Roy Halladay, Minaya stood firm in not doing so.

Minaya understands the importance of a good farm system. It is his job to help keep that system in tact for the future of this New York Mets team.

So go ahead. Keep talking out of your butts.

I am very proud to say that I have had Omar Minaya’s back for the longest, even though I too thought he made some foolish moves. I am one of the few who stood by him and believed in keeping the farm in one piece.

I believed in keeping Ike Davis and Jenrry Mejia. I even said to keep Brad Holt and Jonathon Niese if it were possible. The only kid I did not mind being let go was Fernando Martinez because he seems to be incapable of staying healthy. While some of you kept thinking I was a fool, I have but one question to ask:

Who is the fool now?

Davis and Mejia are dead set on making it to the team this year. Mejia has more than likely won the spot that was supposed to have been Kelvim Escobar’s. I am speaking of the eighth inning man. The man who is the bridge to Francisco Rodriguez. Miguel Tejada is even starting to turn heads and could be the replacement for Jose Reyes if Reyes does not start the year.

We will probably see Davis in September, if not, next year. This kid has brought more excitement to fans than Mike Piazza did when he came to the New York Mets back in 1998. Credit for that goes to Nelson Doubleday.

I am not saying Omar Minaya has not made his mistakes. He has done that, BUT SO HAS OTHER GM’S. Minaya is not the only one. Yet, Minaya has kept away from the pressure of the New York Mets fans calling for the farm to be depleted for one major player and his job.

Keeping the farm has made Minaya look like a genius. It is because of Minaya that you are seeing a Davis and a Mejia right now. If Minaya had listened to all of you, these kids would be in some other team’s farm system.

The very exciting Davis is hitting at .500 that includes a grand slam in 22 at-bats. Mejia has an ERA of 1.08 in 8.1 innings and has been getting rave reviews from the major league hitters who have faced him.

Now I am not saying the Mets could still probably use a trade here and there to tweak the team. I am just saying they are small pieces to which giving up the farm is not necessary.

We do need at least one pitcher because I am not too keen on John Maine. But to replace a Maine would not require giving up a Davis, Mejia or Holt.

People need to understand the farm system is important. Why some want to believe the Mets have no farm is beyond me. Do they have a deep farm system? No, not so much. With the exception of the catcher position, there is not much depth. Yet to say there is no farm at all is nothing more than a bold faced lie.

The farm is in development. Give it a chance. Mets fans are so bitter and angry they just want to complain about everything under the sun and refuse to look at anything that is good.

Hope you are enjoying what you are seeing during Spring Training. You can thank Omar Minaya for it. Quite frankly, if it were up to some of you, we would be watching nothing that would give us any type of excitement. But Minaya is an idiot, right? Whatever!

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I was probably the biggest Minaya fangirl out there back in 06 and 07. If you discredit the “bad” things he has done, you must give him credit for the “good” things. Omar has lost several credibility points due to his handling of press situations and overbloated contracts to players who do not deserve them. The trades for Maine, Perez and Johan ALL looked like the works of a genius, yet Johan is the last man standing. Save Ike Davis, Jenrry Mejia and Ruben Tejada, though, we got jack in the minors (and where the heck is Reese Havens?), plus it’s hard to quantify how these players will operate in the majors since by the time they come into games, they are playing against the other team’s scrubs. We’ve given up significant first round draft picks due to signings of several Type A FAs in the last five years, the cornerstone of building a strong farm system. I agree that we need to be patient with prospects but there are not many to get excited about unfortunately.


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