Good Night and Good Luck, Mr. Rubin

By / March 21, 2010 / Media

Adam Rubin has revealed that he is no longer with the New York Daily News on the Tony Paige show last night, but will not be announcing where he will be going. Like nobody was going to find out. He is heading to ESPN New York.

Congratulations Rubin. Looks like you got your dream job after all. You are one step away from the glitz and glamour of television.

Here’s the transcript thanks to Andrew of The ‘Ropolitans:

Good for Rubin. I have always liked him. He is up there with Mike Lupica. Actually Lupica is higher on my list of fantastic journalists.

Glad Andrew caught this. I decided to take two days off from blogging to enjoy some much needed time for myself.

So now all that is left to figure out is who will be the new beat writer for the Mets. It better not be a bigot. It seems the Daily News is full of them.

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