Debate It: Gooden Should Still Be Allowed In

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Fans of CFoD on Facebook have sounded off regarding Doc Gooden’s chances of getting into the Mets Hall of Fame.

As you know, he is scheduled to be inducted along with Darryl Strawberry, former Mets GM Frank Cashen and former manager Davey Johnson.

Well I asked the fans if they think Gooden’s arrest should impact his chances in being allowed to enter the HoF now. We all know the Wilpons are sticklers for family whole-goodness. Nothing wrong with that. But could the Wilpons allow this to change their minds and choose someone else?

I told them to consider that he did help the Mets get to the 1986 World Series. So should the induction include his off-field problems or just be based on his on-field.

Here is what the fans said:

Guy White said:   Mets Hall of Fame? Definitely. The Baseball Hall of Fame? No, he just didn’t have the stats after 1986. I don’t think his arrest has anything to do with it except that his coke use took away the several necessary years that he would have needed to be a legitimate Cooperstown candidate.

Justin Berle said: I don’t think he should be honored in August. The Mets gave him another chance to get clean and rejoin the organization and he blew it. How many more chances should he get in life and with the team?

Donna Bauer said: He WAS THE NY METS when he was pitching and he is being inducted into the METS HOF for his pitching and I hope that his struggles with addiction do not have any impact on that. He needs all of the positive things in his life that he can get….I am sad and dissapointed but it has no bearing on METS HOF INDUCTON…

There were plenty more comments, mostly saying it should have no impact and he should be inducted.

Who do you agree with?

It is your turn to Debate It.

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William Valderrama

he should definitely still be allowed in, his alcoholic/drug problems have nothing to do with how he impacted this team in the 80s. Til this day, he still owns some Mets records. I just wish him well and that he gets back up again. Love you Doc!


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