Losing “Tradition” Name Is Fitting

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When you think about the word “tradition”, what comes to mind? Thanksgiving with the family? Opening the presents around the tree Christmas morning? The New York Yankees and their pinstripe uniforms or Old Timers Day?

How about the New York Mets?

The New York Mets have been known for not being a “traditional” team. They are always changing their uniforms. They lack acknowledgement for their METS history.

Unlike their cross town rivals, the Mets would not know tradition if it hit them right between legs. So hearing that Tradition Field is now being called Digital Domain Park seems fitting to me.

Well this deal with Digital Domain Holdings will also extend to Citi Field where they will feature kiosks and videos on the Diamond Vision (I will not call it CitiVision) featuring their Academy Award winning special effects.

Do we really care? Not so much. I just thought it was fitting for the Mets to no longer have their spring training facility called “Tradition Field”.

That leaves two Mets parks with new names: Digital Domain Park and MCU Park.

Oh yeah! Did I mention Keyspan Park, home of the Brooklyn Cyclones, is now MCU Park? Everybody is broke. Nobody can afford naming rights anymore.

This is why you stick with your own name and you do not sell out. So could it be only a matter of time before “Citi Field” is no more? Well, for the sake of my site, I hope not. I would hate to have to go through renaming this site.

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The Coop

I always thought the Mets had screwed up from a marketing perspective getting Citi to name their field. On one hand, we wouldn’t have this great blog title ;-), on the other, the contract is for 20 years, and anything can happen between now and then. Citi could merge, spilt off…I lobbied for MetLife Ballpark myself. Lets go to the Met! (Remember those old commercials? Get Met – it pays. Classic.) Oh and FWIW — KeySpan technically doesn’t “exist” as a standalone, it was acquired by a British power company back in 2007. That was why MCU has naming rights.


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