Rodriguez: Deserves The Time

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Francisco Rodriguez is now the latest member of the Mets to be questionable for Opening Day on Monday. But it is not for reasons you seem to think.

The man who has become to be known as K-Rod has had to fly to Venezuela for personal reasons that has only been indicated as “emergency”.

Now I understand Mets fans are a little disgruntled about this latest news. However, GM Omar Minaya said that it is possible for Rodriguez to be back in time.

Whatever the reason is, I agree with CFoD reader Bryan Thompson when he says he hopes his family is okay. Think about that before you all start losing your minds over this. You would take time off from work as well to attend to emergency family issues as well, right? So why should this be any different? When all is said and done, baseball is a job for these players.

Rodriguez deserves the time off.

Then again, you’ll probably find a way to blame this on Minaya too, won’t you?

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