Mets Can Only Do Wrong

By / April 1, 2010 / Injuries, Media

Well, at least that is the perception that fans of the New York Mets and the media seem to think.

This has been my constant argument. If you cannot please both, why bother trying? Why should GM Omar Minaya bother trying to appease to them? If I were him, I would tell them what they could do with their mouths.

Everybody is, once again, having a conniption over the fact that Jose Reyes was placed on the disabled list. I can completely see what the fit is about. I mean, oh my gosh. The Mets are going to face the menacing Florida Marlins and the challenging Washington Nationals. Tremble everyone! Our season is over!

Seriously people? Come one! You should know better than that. Somewhere deep down inside you know that putting Reyes on the DL and not allowing him to be there on Opening Day was the right call.

I’m a fan of getting the season started on the right foot. I would love it if the Mets could just come out swinging and burying the competition. I’m a competitor and love to kick ass whenever I get the chance. With that said, I’m not stupid either. You have to think about the long haul.

How many times have I said that the baseball season is not a sprint, but a marathon? Well, if you read my site, then you have heard it plenty of times. So with that said, I rather lose Reyes for the first two weeks than losing him for three months in the middle of the season.

Mets fans need to understand this is not just about his legs. There is no dramatic concern for them. The concern is about the three weeks of training that he lost. This is the whole point of Spring Training, to TRAIN. Wow! What a concept!

Understand that Reyes lost about three weeks. So you want to just throw him to the wolves. For what? For a series against the Gnats? People stop your complaining and take two seconds to actually think. You’d be surprised at the sense this really makes.

So hang up the phones. Stop tweeting. Stop sending emails about how the Mets are doing everything wrong. Stop listening to the media…with the exception of me of course. Just kidding! The media is over dramatizing everything once again. It is probably the one thing that the media does best.

But seriously, really think about this. The Mets are doing the right thing and you know it.

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