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By / April 2, 2010 / 2010 Season

“A dream is a wish your heart makes.”

Well, it seems Mets fans are afraid to dream about anything. After three years of putting their hearts on the line and fighting with this team in hopes of making the playoffs, Mets fans would rather start the year off with nothing but negative energy.

Oh because the Mets will not notice, right? I mean, why give the Mets some positive vibes. We need to jumpstart their hearts. (One reference to the video.)

After the 2006 season, Mets fans have been hoping and dreaming of a playoff berth only to have their hopes dashed on the last day of the season in 2007 and 2008. Their dreams were killed in July 2009 for any chance at a playoff race.

Yet, with Opening Day just days away, I am asking Mets fans to dream with me.

My dream?

Not just a playoff berth. I want to believe in this team. I want to believe in management. I want to believe in ownership. I want to believe in the organization as a whole. 

I want this team to matter not just in the baseball capital of the world, New York City, but in the majors altogether.

I am dreaming of balls hit by Mets batters flying out of Citi Field, Citizens Bank Park, Turner Field, Busch Stadium and more. I am dreaming of the Mets infield turning double-play after double-play. I will even dare to dream of them turning a triple-play.

Watching a Mets pitcher get their first no-hitter in Citi Field is a dream I am daring everyone to dream about.

I dare you to dream about a playoff berth. I dare you to dream about the Mets overcoming all the odds and doing things this year you never thought they could do.

What would it be like to have all of your Mets dreams come true? We’ll never know unless you dream it.

The 2010 season is going to start soon whether you like it or not. You can have it start positively for you or negatively. It is a new season. Dream a new dream. Get excited! There is so much to be excited about.

I’m looking forward to watching my dreams come true with this team. What about you?

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Denise Winter

exactly!! Its not just about believing in a playoff/championship team. Its believing in the organization as a whole. That they will do all the necessary things to be the best team possible. No one expects a winning team every single year. But they need to have a sense of what the heck they’re doing. They need to try. And they need to mean it!! LOL


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