Figgy Gone For Good

By / April 7, 2010 / 2010 Season

Well isn’t this just peachy?! The Philadelphia Phillies have claimed Mets favorite, Nelson Figueroa, off waivers.

Thanks Adam Rubin for breaking our hearts with this bloody piece of information.

Does anybody else think Figgy will take pleasure in kicking the Mets butts after the way they treated him? I mean, seriously. How is that Sean Green made it and not Figgy? How do you designate him for assignment? Did the Mets really think he would not get claimed?

Good luck Figs! We wish you the best. Just not against us.

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Joey Torres

Ughhhhhh ! I’m gonna throw up. How is Sean Green still on this team ? I’m guessing because of his contract and the Mets do not want to pay Green all that money for nothing.


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