A Few Choice Words For The Mets

By / April 9, 2010 / 2010 Season

With Craig Carton’s stupidity reigning high, I asked fans of CitiField of Dreams on Facebook to describe their 2010 New York Mets using only one word. The words chosen will make you think: “Wow. So true.”

Here is each person said:

Taryn – Promising

Efrain – Watchable

My main man Guy – Encouraging

Fane – Frustrating

Ray – Enigma

Denise – Typical

Patti – Slump

Boris – Crack

Now look at each of those words. Really think about the New York Mets. Do these words fit them? Of course.

Look, no matter what you think or what you say, the New York Metropolitans are “promising”. They are still without Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran. You really think their return will not impact this team positively? You are only kidding yourself.

This team is “watchable”. The last few years we could not even watch the television set. Yet after Tuesday, this team is “watchable” again. They can get you excited and get you to believe they have it within themselves to comeback and win a game.

“Encouraging” is what comes to mind when you think about the possiblities come the trading deadline. All the Mets need are a couple of pitchers and the Mets could be in contention as long as they stay in the heat of it going into the All-Star break.

Of course watching them can be “frustrating”. Over the years, we knew this team could be in contention. Watching them beat themselves into a stupor drove us all crazy and most of us almost ended up being institutionalized.

The Mets are also an “enigma”. They are very hard to explain and understand. You know what they are capable of. Yet so many times they have not played up to that level. It makes us mad. With talent that is there, you would think this team would have been in the playoffs in 2007, 2008, and 2009. It did not happen.

Describing the Mets as “typical” I’m not so sure works. The only thing that really is typical is the way the team is run. It is not how I would describe the players, just ownership. They stick their noses where it does not belong and it only makes trouble for everybody else.

The “slump”-ing Mets? Well, then you would have to say the team has been one big slump for the past few years. This could be accurate for then, but not for these 2010 Mets. With the season being only three days old, to use “slump” to describe them is a little premature.

My personal favorite: The Mets are crack. You just cannot get enough of it no matter how bad for your health it is. I do not speak from experience on this. Let’s clear that up. lol But seriously, no matter what happens with this team, we always come back for more. It is like living without your feet or hands. You just cannot do it.

So there are you 2010 Mets in a few choice words. Can you come up with your won? Do you agree with these? Leave your thoughts in teh comments.

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