Carton Is The “Lackluster” One

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I really wonder if he can spell “lackluster”. Maybe he does not know what it means. Allow me to educate the man.

According to everyone’s best friend merriam-webster, yes the dictionary, lackluster means “lacking in sheen, brilliance, vitality”.

This is what Craig Carton of the WFAN morning show calls the 2010 New York Mets. Really? Because coming back from a 6-1 deficit is lacking vitality. Because putting on a 7-1 romp of the Florida Marlins on Opening Day is lacking brilliance. All of this is very “lackluster”.

Now do not misunderstand me. There are questions about this team like their pitching. But to call the entire team “lackluster” is stupid.  Choose another word. There are plenty in the dictionary. Yes they are not the shiniest team in the NL East or in baseball, but they are still our team. They are still trying.

Seriously? Mr. Carton, the only thing lackluster around here is your attempt at using the english language properly.

I would have to say these Mets have proven to have heart, be dedicated, and courageous. So what if the fans do not want to go to the games. They are within their right after the past few seasons. I encouraged it until the Mets give them a reason to go to the games. But to call this team “lackluster” is beyond stupid.

Now I did not see last night’s game because I was at work until 12am this morning. So I’m flying blind here. But I was at the two games prior. I did not witness a lackluster team. I saw a hard working team and one stupid player who thought it was his “wright” to go down the third baseline with David Wright at the plate. But to come back to make the game an exciting one was amazin’. They never could have done that last year.

It seems WFAN is so anti-Mets. When did that happen? Do not get me wrong. If the Mets are doing something wrong, call them out on it. Yet between Carton, who is a self-proclaimed Mets fan, and Mike Francesca, I want to throw up everything I’ve eaten for the past week. I completely agree with Mike Silva and company when they say the station is garbage.

Carton, there is no reason to pity Omar Minaya and the Wilpons. They will have their day, as will the New York Mets. I look forward to the day when they prove you wrong.

Lackluster? Look up the word first and then you will understand how stupid you sound. Stop trying to be the shock jock of sports. It isn’t working.

Now tuning in to Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPN 1050.

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Tony Die-Hard

Carton should have directed his word “Lackluster” more towards the Wilpons more then anyone else. The failure of Minaya building a championship calibur team along with back to back collapses was rewarded with a three year extension. That’s not lacllaster, that’s pure stupidity. This ownership rewards a GM that since 2007, has not addressed our bullpen issues, nor was he intelligent enough to notice that since 2007, our 2-5 pitchers can’t go pass 5 innings. But the real blame belongs once again on the Wilpons, who were to ignorant to realize Minaya is not doing the job.

As far as the 2010 Mets having any heart remains to be seen. Only three games into the season doesn’t determine a teams heart. Let’s face it, the bad balk call prolong that game the other night. Let’s face it, if this team had heart, they would have found a way to win that game after the many chances that were forwarded to them to win it. If this team has any heart, they need to show it with the big hit that wins a game. Last night’s game this team showed no heart at all along with no big hits.

The reality of it all is very simple, the Mets offense will click once Reyes and Beltran come back. They always have been in the top three teams in the NL as far as scoring runs, but the pitching has always had a question mark on it. This year more then ever. After Santana, us Mets fan cringe knowing that the next four pitchers are all headcase and inconsistant, need I say more.

Joey Torres

I’m suprised Boomer did not put Carlton in his place. I’m guessing the reason Boomer did not do it is because he’s a big Rangers fan and he’s pumped for the home and home vs the Flyers to decide the Rangers playoff fate. As for Carlton…yes he’s looking for some “shock” value and he’s out to make headlines. News flash Craig…IT’S NOT WORKING !!!!!!! You wanna be funny..well remember this Mr.Carlton…there’s a right way and there’s a wrong way and if you do it the Wrong way you end up losing listeners..well you just lost Tanya and you’re starting to get under my skin because you really do sound like a idiot. Get it together or you just might gey the boot from WFAN.


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