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By / April 12, 2010 / 2010 Season

You would think their biggest problems with be with Omar Minaya, Jerry Manuel or the Wilpons. Do not get me wrong. They certainly are a problem to an extent. But there is something even bigger within the psyche of a Mets fan.

This one problem is usually blamed on women after a bad relationship and they jump into a new one.

The problem? They dwell on the past way too much.

Think about it. It is all around you. Anybody who can boo Johan Santana or Jason Bay has got to be mental. Santana is the one great pitcher on the staff. Bay is new and does not deserve this crap. Yet Mets fans feel it is their place to dish out garbage.

Why? Simple. They dwell on the past. What do I hear all the time on the FB fan page?

Well after the past three seasons…

Minaya has not done anything since 2006…

Oh but this is what happened last year…

blah blah blah

Just like a friend tells a woman to move on and stop dwelling on the past, Mets fans need to learn to do the same thing. You can say “Same old Mets” until you are blue in the face. But guess what. The Mets, Phillies, Phillies fans, fans of every baseball team can easily turn around and say:

Same old Mets fans.

Typical Mets fans.

This is why they can’t get players. Nobody wants to go over there. They don’t know how to treat the players.

They would not be wrong in saying it. The New York Mets no longer get support from their so-called fan base. So why should a player want to come here? As one baseball fan I spoke with said:

All of the players want to go St. Louis because those fans appreciate their players. They respect their players.

I cannot blame a player for not wanting to come to New York. Mets fans will always have a “Poor me” mentality. They will always dwell on the past.

I guarantee you, fans will leave comments here talking about:

Well after the past few seasons…blah blah blah

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my entire point.

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Good post, I’m with your thinking that we can’t truly “panic” yet 6 games in, but I’m not sure I can blame fans for looking to the past. While my “issues” with the team stem from ownership to the way the FO appears (e.g. not competent at times!), it’s easy to point to the past to dictate the future. As an example, everyone knew pitching would be a problem, from beat writers to the most junior of fans. Yet it was not addressed (personally, I think we’re throwing Jon Niese to the wolves, though I do like the way he’s looked), and generally resting every single win on Johan, which we all know is not possible. Then the whole thing of leaving guys in the minors like Chris Carter when Mike Jacobs is all power, no substance. I won’t dwell on the past, but it’s “typical” mistakes under this ownership regime that will doom them. Not sayin’, just sayin’. 😀

Denise Winter

Very well written Tanya, but I’m sorry I don’t agree. Mets fans need to get on this team. I know its early in a new season, but how much can we tolerate? Its the same old story every day with them. They can’t pitch and they don’t hit. It seems like no matter who is on this team, they don’t produce. I, personally, am tired of it. I love them with all my heart, and will continue to root for them regardless. But I can’t say I am happy.


Well said! I was at yesterdays game section 134 and in section 133 there was some guy with 3 kids yelling and screaming about same old mets! It’s bad enough to have your own kids there and look like a fool but let the first few weeks slide before u stop coming to the games! He was even yelling at Jason Bay when he was on the field. He hasn’t done anything wrong…give him a chance to settle into this team. I am one of the few optimistic fans about this years version of the mets and I am not quiting on them.

Joey Torres

Well said knowing how you are Tanya i’m sure you’re talking about 80% of Mets fans with the way they’re acting these days. 6 Games into the season and look at the stands @ Citi Field and you’ll see a lot of empty seats. I understand that fans are fed up with ownership and yes i don’t like Jeff Wilpon too,but you know what i will show up and go to as many games as i can go to and support this team. News flash 80% of you Mets fans…You support your team no matter what ! I will never the last 3 years and they still hurt when i think of them…but my focus is on 2010 and i chose to take this season one game at a time. I’m not going to boo Bay,Jacobs,Matthews Jr or any other Mets unless they look like they just dont care…Then i’ll let that player have it !!!!!!! Bottom line is Mets fans need to chill and show up @ Citi and give this team a reason to play hard.

Joey Torres

Denise the Mets need more fans like you. While you’re fed up you still gonna support the Mets and i’m sure you’ll go to some games @ Citi and try to do your part to lift this team up. I wish more fans were more like you.

Tony Die-Hard

First off, Mets fans have a right to be angry. To dismiss the 07 & 08 season is nuts. The main problem with those seasons was no bullpen, which contributed to embarrassing collapses. The 09 season was no ones fault but faith. But do Mets fans have a right to boo? Of course they do. With the amount of money it cost to take a family of four to a game is ridiculous. These high ticket prices are blamed on acquiring high price ball players to help win games. So if the product on the field is not up to the price of the ticket, and I’m not talking about a few games, well then hell ya I’m fustrated and damn it I’m going to boo.

Now as for booing, every team in major league history has had its ups and downs with their fans and that includes the booing, St. Louis is no exception.

Phil Groh

The very best pitchers have a couple of games like Santana had yesterday. I remember once where Doc Gooden didn’t last the first inning when he was in his prime.
Even the best hitters have slumps. One year Delgato (spelling?) was in the proverbial dog house and the next year there were chants of “MVP!” Ralph Kiner once talked about banging out w HR’s in a game and only to get booed after striking out in his fourth at bat.
I can only go to about one game every five years because, frankly, I just cannot afford it. Between the train and tickets and concessions, I just cannot justify the cost. Paying the mortgage and putting my daughter through college are my highest priorities.
Baseball is a marathon, not a sprint. Granted, our Mets have been slow out of the gate but even Lance Armstrong did not wear the yellow jersey in every leg of his races.
THERE’S STLL TIME! Let’s have a recheck at the end of May!


This is a very good post & comment thread!

Coop is right: Carter deserved it over Jacobs. So did Ike, for that matter.

The decision making by the front office is mystifying.

I’m not getting on Bay (yet) because he’s hustling on every play. That will change if he has a bad road trip. (I don’t have a ton of patience, admittedly.)

While St. Louis fans are very welcoming & genuine fans, they will also boo their home team like any other fan base.

It’s nice to see that the commenters here are diehards. 🙂


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