Phillies Problems Continue

By / April 14, 2010 / 2010 Season, Injuries

So the latest casualty for the Philadelphia Phillies is Jimmy Rollins. He is the latest player to hit the 15-day disabled list with a right calf strain.

He joins reliever JC Romero, Brad Lidge, and Joe Blanton. Maybe they can all have some tea and some scones together.

There was also a mention of Jayson Werth is feeling a little limp because he has a sore hip. So now they are saying he might be missing a few games.

Altogether now: “AW. Que Lastima! Poor Phillies.”

May the curse of SI be with you through 2010.

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Joey Torres

I just knew you would say “AW.Que Lastima !….lol. The way i see it is this way. The Phillies are due for one of those injury plagued years. The last few years have had the Phils pretty healthy for most of the seasons, between the SI Curse and being healthy the last few years i’d think 2010 would be a banged up year for them and i say GOOD FOR THEM ! Welcome to the world of the 2009 Mets Phildelphia, enjoy it.


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