Our Boy Is All Grown Up

By / April 17, 2010 / 2010 Season

Almost seven hours ago this game against the St. Louis Cardinals started with a starters and ended with a starter from the New York Mets and a position player from the Cards.

After watching Mike Pelfrey pitch over the years for the New York Mets, many have questioned if he would ever be the pitcher the Mets believed he could be.

Well tonight he has proven that our little boy Pelfrey is now all grown up. He got the save of tonight’s grueling, torturous, orgasmic (yes I am using it because it fits) game. When it looked like the game was never going to end, Pelfrey decided it was time to end this game already. He did what the Mets closer could not do after having thrown over 100 pitches in the bullpen alone. Big Pelf shut the door and shut it hard.

On a night where nobody on either team could seem to grasp the concept of hitting a baseball, it was Mike Pelfrey who stood up and said:

Give me the ball. I want to end this game.

And end it he did. Great job, Mike Pelfrey. My baby boy is all grown up. I am so proud. So very proud. *tear*

Both teams went through outrageous tactics in order to keep it even. The St. Louis Cardinals seemed to be the worse for wear. They had the bases loaded at least six times without scoring. The Mets barely got on base until the extra innings.

The Cards wore out all of their pitchers. So much so that they had to use position players like Felipe Lopez and Joe Mather to pitch. This is when the Mets looked the worst because they could not tag Lopez for beans. Mather was all over the place.

One thing you have to give the Mets credit for, they did not let the Cards walk them in to score runs. The Mets earned their runs. Jeff Francoeur hit a sac fly to score Jose Reyes in the 19th inning. Then the Mets did a foolish thing. They allowed Francisco Rodriguez to pitch to Yadier Molina. He brought home Albert Pujols. Tied game again.

Top of the 20th and I swear to you Mets fans everywhere were crying for mercy. Angel Pagan gets on base. He gets sacrificed to second and then third. Reyes brings him home. 2-1 Mets.

Pelfrey comes in to shut the door and the Mets along with their fans sigh in relief.

What a wild ride! I cannot remember a game this crazy since the Mets and Braves game in 1985.

This game was crucial for the Mets to win. It was not just another game. It started that way. But the longer the game went, the more crucial it became. This was a game that if they had lost, it would be a mental drain that would have killed this team for the season.

Yet the Mets, your 2010 New York Metropolitans, managed to pull out a win despite the exhaustion they must be feeling. It was not only a win for the books, it was a mental win. This is a chance the Mets need to take. They must take this game and use it as momentum to keep this season going.

John Maine gets the start tomorrow. There may not be any help for him. Two crucial points for this team: Maine will have to go for as long he can. And two, the Mets have to get hits and score runs. It is the only way to get through tomorrow’s game with a chance of winning. The hits and runs need to come and in full force.

Tomorrow will be another doozy of a game. Mets fans, now is the time to really cheer your team on. Send your good vibes to St. Louis. Your team is going to need it.

For now, just go to bed and get some well deserved sleep. What a game!

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