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By / April 18, 2010 / 2010 Season

So the big questions going into tonight’s game is what type of relief are the Mets going to have if John Maine cannot pitch through seven innings?

There really is no help coming out of the pen outside of the latest call-up Tobi Stoner. It is being reported by Adam Rubin that the Mets could be optioning Raul Valdes. Would more than welcome that considering he does not know that you run full force into second base and slide. Goofball!

The last time we saw Stoner was last year where he had a 4.00 ERA in nine innings for the major league club back in September.

Last night proved another point that I have made. With unknown variables like John Maine and Oliver Perez, you need two long relievers in the pen. Even with extra inning games like last night, we might have an extra arm or two for tonight’s game.

The Mets could also use Pedro Feliciano tonight despite he is being called their specialist.

Who has the upper hand here? Well, tonight’s game really can go either way. Players on both teams are completely spent after last night’s epic game. Yet, who has the pitching? Tony LaRussa used position players rather than go to his starters to continue in last night’s game. Brilliant or stupid?

Think of it this way. His bullpen was just as spent as the Mets. So he could use starters tonight should Adam Wainwright fail. Not that there is any chance of that. Tonight’s game will be about who can out hit who. It is the battle of the bats.

Do the Mets have it in them to hit? Can this team overcome 0-7 throughout the lineup?

The Mets will have to rely on Jeff Francoeur, Jason Bay and David Wright to come out swinging and connecting with the ball. They need to drive in runs. With that said, the Mets will also be relying on Jose Reyes, Luis Castillo and Angel Pagan to get on base so the big guys can bring them in.

Mike Jacobs is a lost cause. I have zero hope for him in this game.

A key player will be Bay. He really needs to start doing the job the Mets are paying him to do. I understand that he is going to strike out a lot. But he is also supposed to be the big hitter. Instead, he is hitting like Jacobs.

Bay you will not last long in this city unless you can prove to us your are the big dog we are paying you for. I do not like to doubt my players. Yet I am starting to wonder if bringing in Bay was the smartest move for this organization.

Jason Bay needs to get it done tonight. Frenchy needs to find his swing tonight. Wright needs to hit tonight. We heard throughout spring training how big he’s gotten. He could be the bigger than Barry Bonds for all I care. It does not matter a lick to me unless he is out there connecting and bringing runners home.

You thought last night was a rough game? Tonight will be no different.

Boys, you need to hit ’em hard and hit ’em long. Take no prisoners. You have shown your fans that you are fighters. You continuously battle. Tonight will be another one. You stand toe-to-toe with the Cards. Do not let them shake you. When you go into that stadium tonight, you go there to show them what it means to be from New York City.

Let’s Go Mets!

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