Mistake or Necessary?

By / April 19, 2010 / 2010 Season

The New York Mets have made it official. Ike Davis will be with the major league ballclub tonight. Kevin Burkhardt does not know if he will make the line-up tonight though, but feels he will be starting.

Do I have reservations? Of course. Everybody seems to think that this kid is the real deal. As do I. The difference between me and everyone else is that I think it should wait a little while longer. It is one thing to be the big dog of Triple-A. It is a whole other to be the savior of this season.

That is the pressure that you the fans are putting on this kid. You are trying make him the savior. You cannot do that to him. That is too much pressure for a rookie.

Is he good? Yes. But in the minors. Now what if he comes up and does nothing? Are you going to turn on him the way you have all turned on Jason Bay by calling him “Jason K”?

Are you actually going to support the kid? Do you even have any notion as to what “supporting” your player means? I tend to think not.

If you think this kid is going to save you, you are sadly mistaken. If he goes 0-24, are you going to turn on him? Probably. You want results right away. You may not get it.

Did you even think about that before you wanted him up here? This kid is great. No denying it. But remember. He kicked butt in the beginning of spring training and died out towards the end. Already people had started turning on him. Well, I am going to tonight’s game. And so help the Mets fans that boo this kid should he go 0-4. I will be on a rampage.

This I can promise you.

You wanted him. You got him. Now you had better support him.

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understand but he is our best option and this team needs life!! he may help the other guys in the lineup!

The Coop

I like Ike, and have always felt like he should have made the team out of camp this year (rushing Mejia and putting the likes of Jacobs or Catalanotto at 1B were not my examples of good ideas). I’m not too worried about the fans treating him as a savior of the club or turning on him, I think the general consensus is we’ve all wanted him here (Jason Bay is different – he is an established player who is making mountains of moolah. Not saying he deserves to be heckled…but I understand). However, I think the Mets (Manuel and Minaya particularly) treating him as a savior, well, that’s the issue in and of itself.

David Ganz

very well put. i am just seeing the Cubs tie the game 1-1. lets hope they win AND Davis does well ! enjoy the game.

Joey Torres

So far bringing Ike up is a solid move, still lots of Baseball to be played, and growing pains will come soon. But i do think Ike is a Major Leaguer and he’ll have the numbers to prove it at seasons end.


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