Fans Tired of Wright?

By / April 20, 2010 / 2010 Season

Despite them boo-ing him, not likely. Mets fans are just tired of David Wright not hitting.

People are talking about how he is putting pressure on himself. Is it him that is applying the pressure or Jason Bay? You have to think about that. Bay was brought here for a number of reasons. His job is to be the big hitter. Power was the reason to sign him.

Well somebody call Con Ed because the power has gone out.

Jose Reyes and Luis Castillo is getting on base. Well, more Castillo than Reyes. Anyway, with Bay striking out so much and not being able to be a clean-up hitter, it is possible that Wright feels like he has to be that guy? Is Wright coming to the plate with the thinking: “Bay might strikeout if I just get a single. I have to bring in the runs”?

This cannot happen. The Mets need Wright to hit.

It is said that baseball can be complicated. Yes it can. They say when a hitter comes to the plate, he goes thinking about the runners on base and trying to bring them home. If this is Wright’s thinking, he may want to change it. Instead of thinking about who is on base and who is coming up after he is, he may want to try just thinking about getting on base. With runners on base, should he get a hit, the runners move up. If it is Reyes that is on base, Reyes can leg out two bases if on first.

Sometimes you have to take your head out of it in order to get in it. It is just one life’s weird things. I’m sure you have heard that sometimes you have to take yourself out of a situation in order to understand or to gain another perspective. This is no different.

So let’s see what Wright will do between now and May. It will be interesting to see how Jerry Manuel will handle him too.

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Wright looks like he is asleep at the plate. You are correct. He should just concentrate on getting a hit!


I’m getting tired of Wright. I don’t know if it’s his baseball IQ or that “fame” and money and being the affection of all ladies ages 8 and up in New York has gone to his head. But this is the guy that in my mind should be the captain of the New York Mets, and hasn’t even come close to stepping up to the plate for that duty and honor.

He reminds me of a great line from the movie ‘Major League’.
“I forgot about Dorn because he’s only high-priced.”
Wright isn’t quite as bad as Roger Dorn was in that movie, maybe the quote from 22 years ago is on to something.


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