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By / April 20, 2010 / 2010 Season

…pretty much up to the boys.

With Ike Davis now up with the New York Mets, the only time I know it is right now, is time to start rolling. It is up to the players on the Mets when that will happen.

The Mets are starting fall into the same pattern that tore them up last year: win one-lose one. This cannot happen. The Mets need to make things happen now to get the season going. We are a week and a half away from May. The pitching seems to be coming together, but the hitting is still lacking.

The Mets need to hit with consistency. Their hitting at the moment is too sporadic. They need to come together. Jose Reyes needs to start hitting. This is the reason why I did not want him in the line-up on opening day. I knew he would not be ready. He needed his time in spring training to prepare and just did not really get that.

David Wright and Jason Bay are supposed to be our big guns in this line-up. The only thing that Bay has shown is that he is an overpaid flop. I am being patient, but I want to start seeing my money pay off. Like it or not, we pay his salary by going to games, eating the food, and buying merchandise.

Wright needs to get right and hit the ball. I am losing my patience with him as well. The “power” we were supposed to be set with, is sorely lacking. Not pleased with it at all.

So with that said, may the New York Mets make the statement on this home stretch. May the Mets reach down within themselves and realize it is time to wake up and get the season started.  We are approaching critical.

Ike Davis is not going to save this team. The team will save this team by coming together and winning games. Only when the pitching and the hitting mesh is when things will really happen.

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Joey Torres

I’ll say this much, Since Ike’s callup the Mets have lost only once. Ike has provided a spark to the whole ballclub, Reyes is starting to look like Reyes, and the pen has been awesome. Best part is the Mets are not looking for Ike to lead them. Ike’s just a part of the puzzle. Lets keep it up. LGM !


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