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By / April 21, 2010 / 2010 Season

This is what the starting rotation should be called now.

Who would have thought that everybody would be associating the name Oliver Perez with the transformation of the Mets starting rotation. Yet Perez is getting all of the credit for it. I could use more terms to describe Perez, but let’s keep it positive.

At a time when Mets fans have had enough of the so-called “lack of quality pitching”, last week Friday, the pitcher Mets fans love to hate, Perez, gave the performance of his life. His message was clear: “Now you have to shut up because this is what I am.”

Against the St. Louis Cardinals, Perez held a team that has names like Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina to four hits and only one run in 6 1/3 innings. Yet the Mets still could not win that game. No matter. The Mets pitching is now rolling and looking to continue their dominance with the man who started it.

Last night, Mike Pelfrey shut out the Cubs in seven innings. Mets won. Monday night it was all about Jonathon Niese. Mets won. Saturday night it was Johan Santana who shutout St. Louis as well. Mets won in 20 innings. We will not talk about Sunday.

This rotation is definitely an odd one. This has been a week where everyone, except one, has looked like an ace. The bullpen is solid.

The Mets are on a two game win streak. Their first of the season. Can they make it three?

It will be up to Ollie and the hitters against Chris Silva and the Chicago Cubbies. We need the heart of our batting order, David Wright, Jason Bay and Jeff Francoeur, to find their way back to their hitting ways. Now is not the time to go into a drought boys.

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Joey Torres

Any Pitching staff that has Ollie Perez on it should be called the Oddballs, But that being said Santana,Pelfrey and Niese have all done well, Ollie and Maine have been ok, so i’m quite happy with the pitching. Bullpen has been great and i only worry that Jerry is going to guys too much this early in the season.


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