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By / April 23, 2010 / 2010 Season

So Jose Reyes is batting third tonight. I do not like it. I’ll be honest. I do not see why he should be the guy to be moved. Why not move Jason Bay out of the clean-up spot? He is not doing his job. As a lead-off hitter, Reyes is doing his job. He is getting on base. He is fast and can steal bases. So can Angel Pagan, but Pagan does not get on base as easily as Reyes seems to be doing.

Here is something to think about. Reyes is the one who seems to be hitting. So if Pagan and Luis Castillo can get on, should Reyes get a hit, those guys have a chance at getting home and scoring runs.

Is changing the order of a line-up good? Yes. Only if it is advantageous to the team. Moving Reyes does not seem to be the answer. This seems a little foolish to me, despite what I stated in the above paragraph. I think Reyes is going to be more tempted to swing rather than take pitches. I do not see him being able to do that.

This series will determine how this move turns out. I’ve already made my opinion. I do not like it. It is going to change Reyes completely as to how he approaches hitting. This is risky. He’s had problems in the past with his swing. This is going to bring those problems back. He’ll feel like he has to hit home runs.

Oh well! Let’s Go Mets!

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This move is an interesting one and I actually agree with it. WOW. I can’t believe I said that. Here is the problem with the mets line-up. It is short. What does that mean in normal english. It means that the 7-9 hitters are weak. Couple that with a rookie hitting six and a career ..250 hitter batting 5. That is scary. With moving reyes to 3rd and Wright to 5th it deepens the line-up. This won’t be the line-up all year long, just until Beltran gets back. Then Reyes will be back hitting lead-off. I also disagree with the comment that reyes hitting style will change. Reyes is a lead-off hitting in the first inning. Every other at-bat is conditional. Reyes could hit with guys on, with a lead, trailing, it is all conditional. He is no longer an inexperience player. He should be able to take pitches at the appropriate time and swing at the appropriate time..

Does anyone agree or disagree…

Joey Torres

I’m not a fan of Reyes batting 3rd, but so far it’s working. Joe Morgan was once a leadoff hitter for the Reds back in the day, They moved him to 3rd and he played a big part in the Reds 2 World Championships in the 70’s, So let’s see how this Reyes batting 3rd thing works. Like i said, So far so good.


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