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By / April 24, 2010 / 2010 Season

“Cause we’re moving on up. Up the NL East”

How does it feel to no longer be the cellar dwellers of the NL East? Somebody made the comment that payment is not in full until they make the playoffs. My response: Beggars cannot be choosy. Take the wins. They are a means to an end.

This is very true. The fact they are .500 having won four out of five games so far at home against good clubs has to feel good. The pitching is clicking. The hitting is taking its sweet time, but it is getting there. The Mets are on the verge of sweeping the Atlanta Braves tomorrow night with their best pitcher, Mike Pelfrey on the mound.

Yes he is the Mets best pitcher right now. He has a 0.86 ERA. That is sick.

I love what Jason Bay had to say about reaching .500. It gives you a glimpse into the kind of competitor that he is:

Five hundred is nothing to throw a party about by any means. But it’s a stepping stone. We had to get there first. Now we’ve got our head above water.

Well Mets fans will take it. For a time, Mets fans were ready to throw the season to the dogs.

Oh ye of little faith! Was there really any doubt that the Mets could get here? Did you really think the Mets would be the cellar dwellers that they were back in the ’90s? If you really believed that, then shame on you.

All this time, I have been telling Mets fans to believe. April is rarely a good month for the New York Mets. They do not start to click until about May or June. Well take the wins and the .500. It is a start. Now we continue to climb.

Mets fans, do not look at the number one spot of the division. It takes baby steps to get anywhere. You cannot just catapult your way up. The Mets are tied for the third with the Nationals. Okay. Now the Mets need to take sole possession of it. After that, they then look into taking second place and so on until they reach first place.

With the Phillies losing, now is the time the Mets have to make their move. They are doing it.

Just keep believing. Keep cheering. You will be surprised what this team is capable of accomplishing.

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Joey Torres

Mets need to keep the good play going, Finish off the Bravos and then take 2 out of 3 vs Hollywood, A second sweep would be even better. After that it’s 3 games vs our wonderful friends from Philadelphia. Who know’s the Mets just might be on top of the NL East by next week. Keep up the great work Tanya and Lets Go Mets !


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