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By / April 25, 2010 / 2010 Season

Four out of five wins. Four out of five wins. Going into tonight in third place. Pitching is outstanding. Hitting commencing. Is this reality or fiction? Should Mets fans adhere to the words of their dearly departed, Tug McGraw, and believe?

Of course they should! Believing is what makes Mets fans so great. Believing is a part of our history.

Mets fans are always talking about their history, meanwhile they are ignoring the most crucial part: Believing. Does it makes them hypocritical for getting on the Wilpons? Possibly.

From Tug to the original Sign Man, believing is synonymous with Mets fandom. Do you think it was easy for the Mets fans in the 1960s to believe? What? Because the Mets had no expectations it did not matter? Of course it matters. It always matters. What about the Mets fans of the 1970s, which I consider to be the worst decade in Mets history if for no other reason than for trading away their franchise? Tom Seaver was gone. It could not have been easy to believe in an organization that made such a stupid move. But they did!

Have Mets fans been burned over the years? Yes. Without a doubt. But what fan base hasn’t? Do you think it is easy being a Chicago Cubs fan? It has been over 100 years since they won a championship. They are the biggest joke in the major leagues, yet they have the most loyal fan base.

Look at the Boston Red Sox fans. They were having their stadium exorcised to bring a championship back to Boston.

The Phillies waited over 90 years for their first championship and nearly 30 years for their second. At least Mets fans can say they won two withing a 30 year period.

There is a difference between Cubbies and Sox fans versus those of the Phillies. It is a little something called “fan loyalty”. The fans always come back to support their team. Phillies fans never really cared about their team. Not even after the first. When an arena football team brings in more fans, you have something to worry about. They only cared after the second because their precious Eagles have not given them anything to be proud of.

Sox and Cubbies fans never stop believing in their teams. Why should Mets fans? Why should a fan base, who pride themselves on a phrase coined by one of the most beloved Mets of all time in “Ya Gotta Believe“, stop believing?

To stop believing is to no longer be a Mets fan. Ya gotta believe. Never say die.

The “Ya Gotta Believe” cry helped to catapult those 1973 Mets into the playoffs when it looked like they should have just rolled over and played dead. They won the division after being 13 games out in August.

Remember this: The Mets are known for “Ya Gotta Believe“. It is part of their history. I think it is about time Mets fandom embraced that part of their history and started believing in this team.

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Efrain Velazquez

Wow. You gave me chills reading this article. I love the way you write Tanya, you make me feel proud to be a Mets fan!!! I agree with you 100%. Met fans are loyal to our team no matter what while other franchises have band wagon fans.

Tanya Mercado

Wow! That is a great compliment. Thanks Efrain. Honestly, this is why I love being a Mets fan and why I love Mets fans. The biggest bandwagon fans are a lot of Yankee fans now. After their little dynasty run, everybody all of a sudden became a Yankee fan.

Joey Torres

Tanya you’re so on point with this blog. Mets fans are real fans, I always try to explain that to Yankees fans, but most of them just do not understand the concept of being a real fan. I love asking the bandwagon Yankees fans “Who was the Yankees SS before Derek Jeter ?” only to see a blank look on their faces when that question is asked. Tanya you always find a way to get myself and other Mets fans to Believe and feel proud to be Mets fans. Great Job and i’m now more pumped for tonights game. LETS GO METS !


Excellent post. We should start a Ya Gotta Believe movement to bring fans back. So many people are jumping ship, especially the first 2 weeks. We shall see how many jump back on now that we are on a hot streak. I have read too many posts saying that they are overpaid professionals and they deserve to be boo’d and playing in front of empty seats. They need our support. This team has potential to do some things in the NL especially if our pitching holds up. The fact that 3/4 of our infield and 4/5 including pitching is homegrown just making rooting for this team that much more important and meaningful. Ya Gotta Believe! Lets Go Mets!


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