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I always felt that the Mets were still lacking something other than the Hall of Fame. The Yankees and Giants had it. Not the Mets. I’m speaking about a tour of the ballpark. I never thought it was fair for only season ticket holders had this opportunity. All fans spend money in the ballpark. So all fans should get the opportunity.

Now you just might.

I would like to thank Dave Singer of New York Sports Dog for this.

The New York Mets are looking to Mets fans to describe what they would like in a tour of Citi Field. They even ask you how much you would pay for the tour. They priced it at $10 and $15.

It takes less than five minutes. Naturally I took it and said I would be interested in the obvious like the press box and the clubhouse. They also give you the options to choose other areas that they did not mention.

So take the survey here.

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