A Fight To The Finish

By / April 30, 2010 / 2010 Season

So I started this blog forgetting I am on West Coast time. It would appear this is irrelevant right now. lol


That is what the Mets are facing. Or are they?

Mets fan have always talked about every game being important. They are right. So with the Mets-Phillies series upon us, the way to look at this series is a fight to the finish.

Yes it is still early in the season, but a series against the Phillies is like playing against them in September where one game can make or break your playoff chances. The Mets are half game ahead of the Phillies. The Mets need to make a statement to the entire league. It is not just about the Phillies.

Since 2007, the Mets have been laughed at. It does not matter for what reasons. With the Phillies having players fall to the DL, it is time for the Mets to take the reins of the NL East. This is their chance to make it be known that the Mets really are a force to be reckoned with.

I am hoping the Mets have been eating their spinach. It is going to take serious hits to get this team going.

The past few games the Mets have won was due to poor defense of the opposing teams. Yes, they have to take advantage of others mistakes, but you have to realize the Phillies are not going to give the Mets many opportunities. They will make the plays that need to be made in order to get the Mets out.

The Mets now have to play smart baseball. They have to run the bases. They have to catch every fly ball that goes their way, Mr. Angel Pagan. Try calling for a ball. Any mistake can result in devastation for the Mets and probably for their fans because I can already hear them saying: “I knew it wouldn’t last”.

While I am out on the West Coast, it seems I am missing a great game. So ride it Mets fans. The Mets are working hard to make you all happy. Cheer your team. Be proud of them. You know they are trying. Now it is your turn to try and cheer them on.

LET’S GO METS! It is time to bury the Phillies in this division. Let’s show ’em how New York rolls.

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