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By / April 30, 2010 / 2010 Season

Not everybody has the ability to pitch past 40 years of age. Others have the ability to, but choose not to. Their reason? It usually is family. Other times, if they won a championship, they want to go out on top. All valid reasons.

Well, Billy Wagner will be the latest player to call it quits because he wants to spend time with his family, as reported by Carroll Rogers of the Atlanta Journal-Consitution.

I still like the competition, that’s why I do it. I like going out and winning, that still drives me. But being home with them last year, I enjoyed it. There’s so much more to offer them at this age, and I need to be home.

You have to give him credit for knowing what it is that he wants and doing that no matter what anyone says, including Bobby Cox. Apparently, when Wagner made known what it was he planned on doing, Cox told him that Wagner still had it in him to compete for a few more years.

It is fine that he wants to retire. Let’s just hope he does not pull a Roger Clemens and Brett Favre.

Normally I would wish a guy good luck and hope he gets the amount of saves he needs to reach 400, which is 14, I just cannot do it for Wagner. He is in our division and I refuse to ruin the Mets chances at dominance.

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