Make Excuses, Become A Loser

By / May 10, 2010 / 2010 Season

Here is the thing with Oliver Perez. There is always an excuse to a bad outing. “My knee hurts”. “Could not get in a rhythm”. “It was too cold”. I just want to grab him by his uniform jersey and shake him while screaming, “Enough with the excuses. Just pitch.”

Was it cold yesterday? Yes. Was it windy? Well, if you could not see that, then go to see an eye doctor. You could hear the winds. It still is not a reason to pitch as badly as he did. Was Perez able to get out of innings unscathed? Yes. That, I have to say, was incredible. He got out of some really bad jams. That’s great. You want him to be able to do that.

That is not his problem. His most obvious problem is his pitch count. By the time he gets to the third or fourth inning, he is already at 70-80 pitches. Yesterday alone, Perez threw 98 pitches before he was pulled. He only pitched 3.1 innings.

At this point, you send him to the minors. I do not care how  much money he is making. Perez is being paid to win games. He is not doing that. He is too erratic. It worked for Steve Trachsel. Remember how awful he was? They sent him down to the minors and he came back stellar. Yes, he pitched at a snail’s pace. But nobody could knock him for not getting the job done. You do the same thing with Perez.

He is not doing any bit of good here. If the excuse is going to be made about the cold, then he has no business pitching in NYC. What happens if the Mets make it to October? Who is going to pitch? If the cold is a problem, send him someplace warm. He is no good to the Mets like this.

I would say put him in the bullpen, but the cold is not going to go anywhere. So send him to the minors. Let him get figured out there. Pull Fernando Nieve or Ken Takahashi from the pen to take Ollie’s place. Takahashi was being considered as a starter when he was being looked at by the Toronto Blue Jays. I would rather have Takahashi because at least he is a lefty. I would rather have Jenrry Mejia, but the Mets have already screwed him up.

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Eh. He’s pretty maddening, but he did qualify his hand comment with saying that it’s not an excuse like three times.

He’s nuts.


Yeah, he’s been an enigma and the bane of most pitching coaches nightmares. When he came up, he was reaching 98mph, effortlessly.

It’s his focus or concentration. How can you make hitters look so bad for a handful of games and then look like you got off the bus from Single-A the next day (if that) Excuses don’t really do anything in sports, because the wind and cold were cutting at the Giants as well – with or without their freaky ace throwing darts.

I think the team needs to get into his head. Remember last year, they SENT him down for a while. I think maybe even get Rick Peterson in there on a personal/coaching contract – anything to shore up a surprising turn-around by the Mets pitching staff. Now you just need to get Santana back on track (like THAT won’t happen 🙂

Tony Russo

Saying it’s not an excuse and “thinking” it’s not an excuse are two different things, Avhaham. Ollie is too fragile; there’s always a worry something’s going to happen to throw his game off. When I watch him pitch, that’s what I look for. What’s always bothered me is when I can see him losing it from Maryland. I understand they need innings out of him, but that’s kind of the point. If the only way you can get your innings is to lose ballgames something’s got to give.


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