Injection of Fresh Blood

By / May 11, 2010 / 2010 Season

This team is filled with a bunch of animals. Geez! They are all crazy. These Mets are no joke. With the latest call-up, Chris Carter, AKA The Animal, coming up from Triple-A as Frank Catalanotto goes out, the Mets get a new injection of fight in their bloodstream.

There is always something that happens that gets this team going. Tonight, it was not Carter. He did not get this going alone. This was literally a team effort. Everybody contributed.

I will be honest. I was at a loss for words when I came home from work and saw the score at 6-1. I was ready to raise hell. So I decided to take a little break. Next thing I know it, I’m hearing the The Animal helps the Mets to take the lead. I was stupified.

This was the biggest game of the season thus far for these Mets. You think that 20 inning game was? That was nothing compared to this. That tested stamina, endurance. This game tested patience. It tested the patience of the players and the fans.

And can I just shift gears a bit by saying I would like the number to Ike Davis’ gymnastics instructor. This boy keeps flipping over dugout bars the way I flipped over bars in the jungle gyms as a little girl in the playground. Unbelievable! This kid is beyond limber. I loved how half of the dugout ran to Davis to catch him. The trainers went into a panic. LOL

This team is gellin’.  You have to appreciate that. K-Rod was just standing on the mound watching Davis and starts to laugh. This team fights as one. They do not wait until the next guy behind them comes up to bail them out. Each one comes to the plate ready to be the guy that gets the job done. Nobody waits for someone else.

Davis said that he was a little scared because that catch was made at the deeper end of the dugout. NO FEAR! This is what the 2010 New York Mets are. FEARLESS! Davis knew he was putting himself at risk making that catch. It did not matter. He wanted to make that out. He did it.

Mets fans, there is no complaining to be made with this team. They are sending people into stupor fits with their ability to come back and win a game. This team is a fighting team. Every game is to be watched because you just do not know what the outcome will be. This season has already proved to be exciting. How can you not be immersed in what is going on?

Absolutely amazin’ game. Mets win it in the eighth inning scoring 6 runs. 8-6 Mets.

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Joey Torres

Great Blog as always Tanya, Great comeback by the Mets tonight, Great flipped out catch by Ike for the hat trick. The Animal being the BIG bat off the bench is just what the Mets needed. Just a great night for the Mets period.


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