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This is sheer lunacy. Rumors are that Joe Torre is considering opting out of his contract. Well this has made Buster Olney to go mad. On the ESPN website, here is what Olney had to say about Torre coming back to the Mets:

And one option that would make a lot of sense for Torre if he leaves the Dodgers — and there is a sense among some who know him that he is very frustrated with the team’s ownership situation — would be a reunion with the Mets, if they’re looking for a new manager after this season.

Torre could return to New York, he would be managing for a team that will spend money, and, perhaps most important of all, he would not require complete power.

Not for nothing, but the Yankees spent money like crazy after the 2000 season and Torre was not able to give them another championship. I mean, the Yankees went ballistic with spending. They were like Mariah Carey in a Gucci or Louis Vuitton store. They had every top notch player they could buy. Still no championship until last year.

Teams like the Arizona Diamondbacks beat them in the World Series. They went through periods where they got kicked out in the first round. Yet Olney seems to think that Torre could come to the Mets. He talks about the Wilpons willing to spend money. More than half of the Mets budget would be just to pay Torre.

I understand that Jerry Manuel’s contract is up at the end of this year. Anything short of a playoff trip is not going to get him another contract. But do you really want to bring in Torre? If you want to bring somebody in, you have to bring in Bobby Valentine. This is not a suggestion. This is a “YOU HAVE NO BLOODY CHOICE” type of thing.

The Mets need some fire from management. You bring that with Bobby V. What does Torre do? He sits on his butt. He rarely fights for his players because the man has no personality. You need that to manage in NYC. How he lasted so long as a Yankees skipper is beyond me. I guess the championships were enough.

Here is another thing to consider. Torre could not stand the meddling of George Steinbrenner. Things would not be any different if he came to the Mets. Jeff Wilpon is a busy body who does not understand the concept of “ownership”. You own the team. You sign the checks. You shut your mouth. Torre does not know how to stand up for himself. Bobby V, on the other hand, has no problem with that.

This would be beyond stupid if it were to happen. Torre is not the answer. He is an old man who needs to retire already. I have a few retirement homes in mind for the man.

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I love reading your writing when you get going…and I couldnt agree with you more…TORRE needs to go to that summer home in HAWAII…FAR FAR AWAY… all that know me know I LOVE ME SOME BOBBY V….and he is a perfect fit for our team…but I would prefer almost anyone over Torre…didnt he already SUCK here once…..

Tony Russo

I never bought the Torre myth when he was with the Yanks, I spent too long watching him as a frustrated Mets fan. I don’t think he’s radically different from Manuel. When the team feels like winning they win, when they don’t they don’t. Torre was as lucky with the Yankees as he was unlucky with the Mets. I wouldn’t mind a coach who coached, but that’s just me.

Tanya Mercado

I’m thinking the same thing. Torre is pretty much done at this point. There is no way that him being here is going to get things going with the Mets.

Joey Torres

Bobby V is my first choice, Ron Gardenhire of the Twins would be choice # 2 if he can get out of his contract. Wally Backman is choice # 3 after a season with the Brooklyn Cyclones and Lee Mazzilli is my final choice for Mets mgr.


Hey Tanya, great writing again. You are so passionate. However, again I kind of disagree. I understand people love Bobby V. And yes, he is a really good manager. But, and this is a big but, he was out-managed by Joe Torre in 2000. As a met fan, it pains me to say it. But, Torre pushed every right button and Bobby V was stuck with a dumb look on his face (howe anyone???)
You mentioned you were suprised that he was a Yankee for so long, but Tanya, look at his stats. Torre won 4 WS, he went to 6 world series, he was in the playoffs every single year as a Yankee (yes every year 1996-2007). He would have won 6 world series if the greatest closer ever didn’t blow two saves. And yes, he had very good players. But, remember 2001, The mets had won the National League Pennant and made a lot of moves in the off-season. And what happened? Yes, those good players did nothing. I am not sayin let’s bring Torre to the Mets. But, really, I believe we should appreciate what he did. What he did was very difficult to do.
We could bash the yankee, just because they are yankees. But, sometimes, we should give credit to where it is due. Does anyone agree?

Tanya Mercado

I’m not saying he did not accomplish anything. I give him all of the credit in the world for those championships. But he has not been able to do anything since then. That is my point. The years 2001-2007 are the question marks. If your team is ahead by three games and you get swept by, not just your opponents but your rivals (2004), you should lose your job. That was ridiculous. Not that I did not enjoy it. LOL But still. You have to put the other team away.


Yes, Tanya. But, Game 5. Rivera on the mound, 9th inning and the Yankees lose. That isn’t Torre’s fault. Also, you say Torre didn’t do much between 2001-2007, Correct me if I am wrong, he made the playoffs every year. He went to the AlCS three times. He went to the World Series 2 times. I think he did a lot! WOW, Can you imagine if the Mets had a manager who took the team to playoffs 7 consective seasons? We wouldn’t know what to do.


Your so funny and right. They would… But, I would rather complain that they didn’t win it seven times instead of not even making it…



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