Carton Told To Be A Real Fan

By / May 12, 2010 / 2010 Season, Media

As many of you know, I am sick of Craig Carton. I think he needs to be booted from WFAN’s morning show. He claims to be a Mets fan, but is as phony as Tony Bernazard.

You are all aware of last night’s spectacular comeback. Well, Carton was not. He was too busy watching American Idol. Yet the fact that he did not watch the game is not going to deter him from attacking the Mets for the umpteenth time this season.

I love Boomer for saying what he said. Here is how it went down. I had just tuned in at the part where Carton was talking about the game and how he missed it. Well, Boomer, I guess, finally had enough of it. So he told Carton that if he is a true fan, he would have been watching the game last night. Carton came back asking Boomer if he watched the game. Boomer said yes. Carton said, “No. You were watching hockey.” Boomer said, “Yes. But I also watched the Mets game. Besides, this is a sports show. Somebody has to watch sports around here.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen began my wonderful day.

Boomer has a point. You cannot call yourself a fan and not watch the games. I’m not saying you have to watch all of the games. I am hoping you do not watch every single Mets game. I hope you go out and have some fun with friends outside of the realm of baseball. Still, you have to watch the games. Especially if your job is a part of it. If you are going to attack a team, you had better have watched the games.

Carton does not. Yet he finds it okay to attack the team and the fans. This is not a true fan. He thinks he can just come out and attack people without really listening to what others are saying. I am very happy to hear that Boomer called him out on it. Good for Boomer!

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Joey Torres

Boomer does carry that show, Carton is ok but he does get under my skin at times. I heard this this morning and i felt the same way, Don’t diss the Mets if you’re not watching. American Idol sucks now and he’s watching that garbage ! Shame on Carton….smh.


I go with music in the car and almost never listen to sports talk radio (or any type of talk radio). It keeps me from getting all worked up over these things.


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