Marlins Get In On Accusations

By / May 13, 2010 / 2010 Season, Media

The Philadelphia Phillies are proving there are more ways to cheat in the game of baseball than just merely taking steroids.

It started with the New York Mets and continues with the Colorado Rockies and Florida Marlins. While MLB did not jump out of their chairs to investigate the accusations of the Phillies stealing signs, they moved quickly when the Rockies did. Now the Marlins are getting in on it.

Video was taken of the Phillies bullpen coach, Mick Billmeyer, watching the Rockies catcher, Miguel Olivo, with binoculars. What a stupid jerk! He thinks MLB is stupid and claims he was only watching the defensive position. Really you moron?

It gets worse because MLB also saw footage of Shane Victorino on the phone in the dugout. The phone that connects to the bullpen.

What makes this even worse is Charlie Manuel. Listen to his prolific statement. This was just about the Rockies, but Manuel decided to drag the Mets into this by saying:

Somebody ought to check in on the Mets if they did (complain), because their home record is out of this world and they’re losing on the road.

Wait! It gets better.

It’s a good indication sometimes, if you want to know about signs and (stuff).

Since when is having a great home record a crime? Here is the problem with his statement. If the Mets were stealing signs, would they not be doing it on the road as well? I mean, they are losing a lot on the road.

They say it all starts at the top. Well, we now know where the Phillies vulgarity and stupidity comes from. When asked if the Phillies are stealing signs, Manuel said:

Absolutely (bleeping) not!

Real nice ya piece of lard. But Manuel admits that if they could steal signs, they would. Talk about dirty baseball. According to, the Phillies have been accused of this for a couple of years, 2007 by the Mets, 2008 by the Boston Red Sox and during the 2009 playoffs by the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees.

I think it is perfectly clear that Phillies are cheaters. Now, I could give a flip if it is part of the game. With the video proof, MLB just slaps them on the wrist? Seriously? If I were them, I would fine them. Granted, they did not use electronic equipment which is against the rules, but they did use the phones which is also against MLB rules. So there should have been more than just a slap.

As if the rivalry was not big enough, this is going to intensify it by a hundred fold.

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