Never Learns His Lesson

By / May 14, 2010 / 2010 Season

With the failures of Jerry Manuel and this Mets line-up, you think he would learn his lesson. Well he has not and the line-up stays the same.

I already said the only way to get these hitters going is by traumatizing them. That can only happen when you crush their egos. If I were manager, nobody would be safe in this line-up. Nobody would have a permanent spot. At this point, spots get earned.

Jason Bay is getting warmed up. So I would leave him at clean-up. Ike Davis gets moved to third. The ultimate letdown is David Wright. He gets thrown to the bottom of the line-up. If I’m in a forgiving mood, he can bat seventh. I would put Rod Barajas in the fifth spot. Jose Reyes goes back to leadoff. Luis Castillo stays where he is. Jeff Francoeur goes to the sixth spot and Angel Pagan gets the eighth.

If Wright wants to go back to being Mr. Hottie-Tot-Tottie at the plate, he has to earn it. He has to hit like he belongs. He should take hitting lessons from Davis and Barajas. They know what it takes. Barajas, as of right now, is the clutch hitter of this team.

So let’s see. Maybe something will change during the weekend. Mets fans can only hope. If not, things will start changing in other ways. And I am not speaking about the players.

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Donna Bauer

YEAH….you tell ’em…oh wait…THEY WONT LISTEN…..managers and coaches can be replaced…..and sometimes a good swift kick in the ARSE is what gets things going the WRIGHT way….

Tanya Mercado

LOL Of course they won’t listen Donna. This is an organization run by men. Men have never been able to change their ways. They never learn.


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