Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me

By / May 16, 2010 / 2010 Season, Minors

There is an old saying:

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

There was a movie starring Danny Kaye, wonderful actor and performer, called “The Fool”. Well, Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya are now starring in the movie as the biggest fools.

They have given both Oliver Perez and John Maine chance after chance after chance. Now even they have had enough.

Yes even fools have a breaking point. There is a time when even a fool decides that enough is enough and it is time to man up.

Well, at least of Perez. He has been demoted to the bullpen.

Not sure even that will help. I would rather see him go to the minors or just get cut from the organization altogether. For $36 million, that is not going to happen. At least not yet anyway.

Chances are strong that the Mets will be turning to Ken Takahashi to take the place of Ollie in the rotation. This is something I agree with. You have to have another lefty in that rotation. Takahashi is that lefty. He has proven to be one of the big pitchers out of the bullpen this year so far taking the ball time after time.

Perez made that statement that he hates going to the bullpen. I’m sorry. Did we ask for your opinion? You lost that privilege when you sunk your team. You do not speak. For $36 million, you shut up and do as you are told.

Now we turn our eyes on John Maine. Poor John Maine. I have to say I really do feel sorry for him. He loves to pitch. He loves this team. He loves this game. Unfortunately, his arm does not love him.

Maine has been betrayed by the very thing that helped him get to the majors. Well, after another sorry outing, there is no doubt that Minaya and Manuel are going to have another meeting to discuss Maine’s status.

As much as I like him, he has to be moved as well. The bullpen is not the answer for him. His velocity is down. At this point, he should call it a career. Maine has nothing left.

My favorite part? The comment Manuel made about Jenrry Mejia. He proved my point. I said Mejia should not have been in the majors. Now management is considering sending him down to the minors to stretch him out so he could be a starter.

I SAID THAT FROM THE BEGINNING! Does anybody listen to me? Of course not! Most of you argued with me on the site and on Facebook that Mejia belonged here in the bullpen. Now, the Mets are considering the very thing I said all along.

But what do I know? I’m just a girl, right?

Yes I am. Yet I do know what I am talking about. We all discussed how this rotation needed improving. What people failed to realize was that our improvement is in the minors. Just like our improvement at first base was in the minors, so is our pitching. So now Mejia is in no position to take over Maine’s spot in the rotation.

So who do we call? How about a guy who rested the entire 2009 minor league season because of a serious injury, a partially torn labrum in his shoulder? Dillon Gee, who seems to be generating some serious buzz. He pulled a Mike Pelfrey when he started his 2010 season going 13 innings without giving up a run. Kudos to him for that.

Is G Man ready for the majors? You never know that until you bring him up. I was wrong about Ike Davis. I’m a big girl. I can admit when I am wrong.

The Mets have kids in the minors, contrary to what some of you believe. You think it is going to be easy to make a trade? Every GM in baseball knows the, not even gold level, but platinum level kids we have. They are going to be asking for them.

Are you prepared to give up an Ike Davis and a Wilmer Flores for a pitcher? Is Mejia, in your opinion, up for sale? I will tell you this much. I will kick you in the head 20 times over if you answered yes to those questions.

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Perez also declined to shuffle off to Buffalo to work this out, which would have been better for everyone. What a deal the players have these days – you get big money AND rights. Heck, I don’t have either.

One thing about this team coming off of last season, and I noted it with Maine and it’s playing out with Reyes too, is that with all the time missed, these guys need longer to work themselves back. I said from the get-go that Maine belonged in extended Spring Training to throw pitches and innings. Reyes has all this rust. Imagine what Beltran will have to shake off (rehab will only scratch the surface of that). Maine just needs to work things out. For some of these guys, this is like an extended rehab season. I don’t think it’s time for Maine to give it up. He just had a bad outing.

I missed the Mejia comment from Manuel. Sending him down is going to prove a lot of us fans right. There are starters in Buffalo that could come up and take the places of Perez, and if you want, Maine, and probably do just as good without our angst. I don’t know if Mejia is one of those (yet). But the clock is ticking on him (which it wouldn’t be if they had kept him in the minors to start). But to be fair to the Mets, things have worked out in the Mets bullpen such that Mejia has been needed there.

Adding Ollie to the ‘pen, moving someone out to start in his place, and demoting Mejia to stretch him out is going to KILL this club right now (not that keeping Ollie in the rotation won’t). But do the Mets have candidates in Buffalo that are “ready”, or are we stuck waiting them out? I thought R.A. Dickey could come up and eat up some innings. Gee is probably next in line. I was going to ask the same thing about him being ready that you did. Maybe next year. Maybe we’ll find out. But in order to bring them up, someone needs to go down or go away. I don’t see that happening.

Go with the system and don’t make trades. The Mets are weak, and you don’t trade from a weakness.


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