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By / May 16, 2010 / 2010 Season

The problem with Jerry Manuel and company is that they give their players a choice. He gave Oliver Perez a choice to go down to the minors or to the bullpen. Perez has a choice because of seniority. But you use that to your advantage. You tell him it is either the minors or he gets cut. Put him on waivers if he has such a problem.

A choice? Do parents give their kids choices of play or do chores? Do teachers give their students choices of recess or assignments?

You are paying these players to play. You are paying them to do a job. They are making millions. They are costing you your job. You do not give them a flippin’ choice. Manuel needs to just man up already.

Message to New York Mets manager, Jerry Manuel:

Manuel, you are the manager. You are the boss. Act like it. You do not give choices. You dictate. Baseball is not ademocracy. It is a dictatorship. Man the hell up already. You need mood swings. Maybe that will help you. I can bestow that upon you.

You are giving players choices. These choices are going to cost you your job. Is that what you want? You want some player who makes way more than you, get you fired because you cannot seem to grow a set and lay down the law?

Did you think about that if you get fired, they will still be on the team acting like everything is honky-dory? Apparently not. Apparently the thought of losing your job does not seem to faze you. If you do not give a flip, why should the Mets? Why should the fans?

The players are not the only ones who dictates the excitement of this team and this season. You have a big hand in that as well. And I’ll be honest with you right now, Mr. Manuel, you are doing a lousy job all around.

You give players too many chances. You do not tug. These are not little leaguers. You yank. If they do not like it, bench them. You are the leader. You are their dictator. If they have a problem with it, you tell them it can be fixed so they play on another team.

Law down the law or I will do it for you. It seems I can do that a lot better than you.

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Tanya, I think Jerry and Omar need to go. You know what, now that I think about it. It would have been best for the mets to have started 2010 with a new manager and general manager. Here is why? Instead of developing players in the minors, they are bringing them up to try to contribute. What do they mets need? Pitching… Pitching isn’t that easy to buy. Mejia, good arm and young. I want him to be starting in the minors and get 100 inings of work down there. Develop him. If we rebuild our pitching, we will be fine. Look, the mets can play at home. They have a very young core still. Wright, Reyes, Bay, David, Beltran. Offensively, they can carry a team if they play well. Rod and Francouer bring toughness to the team, not to mention a little pop. The bullpen is the bullpen, never know what you’re going to get. But, with strong starting pitching, the mets can be back.

The mets won’t release Perez, he gets paid too much. And remember, if he gets released, the mets still have to pay his contract.

Joey Torres

Screw that, If the small market Rays can turn around and cut Pat Burrell, then why the Mets who are a Big market team cannot do the same with Oliver Perez ? Starting the season with a new Mgr and GM would not have made much of a diffrence. Injuries killed the Mets more than anything else, So Sparky Anderson or Davey Johnson could be the Mgr of the 09 Mets, And the results would be the same as they were with Jerry. As for the core Reyes will be fine, D.Wright needs to work on that swing of his, To much of an uppercut swing for David, That’s why he’s become Mr.K, Bay should heat up and when Beltran comes back we fans gotta give him some time to be himself. The Mets would be in a better spot if they took a little time to read Tanya’s blogs cause it seems like most times she ends up being right on things she feels the Mets should not do (Mejia starting the season in AAA) Of course if he were there he would take Ollie’s spot. I guess let’s just see where the next few weeks take the Mets and go from there.


I am a big Minaya fan and of course 2009 was injury filled. But, look, Omar and Jerry are desperate men.. That is dangerous… They are trying to save their jobs, and lets face it. Phillies are a lot better than the mets. They aren’t going to get Cliff Lee. They have the draft coming up soon. They haven’t drafted well. They haven’t signed a big time international free agent since Reyes. I would have prefer a new GM, let him look at the minors, and get a draft strategy, and look at the carribbean islands and become competitive.

Just my thoughts, not saying I am right. I am just saying that this is what I would have done. Also, I love Omar, not bashing him. I just don’t want him to make a move because he is tryin to save his job and it will hurt the team in the long run. Does that make sense?


Since you wrote this, the team has taken two series from last year’s world series teams, the yanks and the phils. I happen to like this year’s team far better than last year’s. There seems to be more hustle with the 2010 mets

I would give manual the end of the year and then let the wilpons decide. That’s what will probably happen anyway


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