Ban Strawberry? Not Happening

By / May 25, 2010 / 2010 Season, Media

According to Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News there are “two prominent” Mets players who are having issues with Darryl Strawberry in their Clubhouse.

Supposedly Strawberry has called the Mets players to task. It is being said Strawberry stated this:

stop worrying about (media) criticism…get out on the field and perform.

A Mets insider had this to say, according to the paper, while in Washington:

He was saying you’re better than last place. He told them it was ‘rough’ watching them play, but you’re better than what you showed

Well because of this, these two players went to Jay Horwitz asking to have Straw banned from their Clubhouse. Needless to say, the Mets are not going to ban him. Can you imagine the backlash the organization would receive by the fans?

Maybe those so-called prominent players should be banned. If you have such a problem with being called to task, then quit. If you have a problem with being criticized, you are in the wrong business. That is part of the business.

If you do not want to be criticized, here’s a thought, how about actually performing to what you are capable of performing? Wow! What an interesting concept! Performing up to your ability? Actually doing your job? Who would have thought about doing that? Holy Moses! Imagine what that might accomplish! The Mets might make it to first place.

What I would like to know is who these players were. Where do they get off having a future Mets Hall of Famer banned from the clubhouse?

It reminds me of the whole situation when John Franco made comments about David Wright being the leader of this team and Wright saying he had no business saying anything because Franco is not in the clubhouse. How would Franco know what is going on?

Well, could it have been Wright who said something? After all, he is one of the struggling players on this team. We’ve all been frustrated with him. Some of you have been calling for the Mets to trade him. It seems Wright cannot handle criticism. So could he be one of them? Possibly.

Final message:

If you do not want to be called out, then do your job. Simple as that. You do not get someone who has the best interest of the organization at heart banned from the Clubhouse. How dare you! If it is such a problem, you can be traded. Just ask. That will be the only request that is accommodated.

Alex Cora was on WFAN this morning with Boomer and Carton and spoke about this. He said he had no problem with Strawberry coming into the Clubhouse. Anytime if Strawberry wants to come into the Clubouse if he wants to go to  his locker and talk to him about anything, he is more than welcome to do so. He knows the contributions Strawberry has made to the organization. He is a World Champion. So yes, he is going to listen to anything he has to say.

And this is why Cora is still with this organization. He is smart. Cora knows when it is time to listen and who he should be listening to. That’s what some players still need to learn. He’s right. You listen to the man who has the rings. They should shut up and listen.

I really would love to know who complained about Straw. I’m sure I would have a few complaints of my own about those two players.

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Imagine that — not wanting to take advice from a man with 2 World Series rings who played on one of the guttiest Mets teams ever. Can you picture this feckless bunch in a game 6 situation? I didn’t think so.


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