Piss Off, Figgy!

By / May 26, 2010 / 2010 Season

Talk about your sour grapes. I understand Nelson Figueroa is a little bitter. If I were him, I would be too. I mean the Mets did not treat him well.

Allow me to let you know what once upon a time Mets favorite said:

Everyone worries about, ‘Well, what did Jimmy Rollins say?’ When you’re winning, people love a winner. When you’re the second-best team in your city, there’s always drama with that. There’s always got to be a story, whether it’s a story from within looking for attention somehow.

He seems to have all of the answers. Seems like Figueroa is making an enemy out of New York. Calling the Mets the second-best team? Really?

Hey Figs! You forget. You are a part of the third best team in Philly. The Eagles and 76s have more fans that care than the Phillies ever will. Did ya think about that before you opened up your mouth? Did ya? Of course not! So the Mets shut you up by smacking you around a few times.

Figs felt that he did not need to prove himself to the Mets. Don’t believe me? Here’s what he said:

In two years I gave them blood, sweat, tears, my heart and my soul – and it wasn’t enough to make the team this year. If I would have cleared waivers, I told them I wasn’t signing back….I shouldn’t have had to prove that I belonged on this team.

Let’s get one thing straight. Everybody has to prove themselves during Spring Training if they want a shot on the team. Are you freakin’ kidding me? Anybody could have been the odd man out. Figueroa has never proven to be able to handle an entire season. You have a bullpen with Ryota Igarashi and Ken Takahashi. We’re supposed to give the spot to Figs? Really?

Oh my goodness! Give me a minute before my sides split from laughing to hard. Figs, you were not good enough. Face it. Were you treated a little like crap. Um…yeah. But do not come to New York City and talk out of your butt. The “Jimmy Rollins” attitude is very unbecoming on you. Grow up!

Source: New York Daily News

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Joey Torres

While Nelson will always be a friend to me, Because of us growing up in Coney Island. Nelson needs to understand one thing ! He’s Nelson Figueroa and he’s a fringe Major Leaguer, And guys like him must always prove their worth year in and year out. Remember his record in 08 was 3-3 4.57 ok numbers but they don’t jump out and grab you. Last year he was 3-8 4.57 again nothing to get a spot on lockdown on the Mets staff. Instead of flapping his gums, Nelson should’ve been thankful the Mets gave him a chance to show what he can do these last few years, Yes the Mets did him wrong during spring training, but if not for his last two seasons with NY the Phillies or any other team would not give him a chance. Keep that in mind Figgy.


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