Not Good Enough For The Enemy

By / May 31, 2010 / 2010 Season

Oh this was priceless to hear! This made my weekend. Just a week after Nelson Figueroa started to flap his gums about the Mets and how he gave his “blood, sweat and tears” to the Mets and he deserved a spot, the Phillies feel he needed to go.

According to MLB Trade Rumors, the Philadelphia Phillies have now designated the reliever for assignment. It was not because he was not good enough. It was because Brad Lidge is coming back.

Somebody had to be “the odd man out”. Guess you were that guy Figgy. Are you going to bad mouth the Phillies too? Did you give them your “blood, sweat and tears”? At least you helped the Mets sweep them. So you did contribute. Thanks.

Whether he will accept a minor league assignment should he clear waivers is not yet known. It is something called retirement, Figs. Take it.

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Three years later, I reply…F*** you, what do you know about it. You haven’t a clue as to what you are talking about. You do not know what happened behind the scenes. So much of baseball is luck of the draw, and promises made and broken. Oh, and don’t pull out stats; when he was hot he got used, then passed over and forgotten. If you must pull stats, check the number of no-decisions and games with little to no offensive help that Figueroa had in his career. Oh, and if he sucked so bad, why was he consistently great in off-season and World Baseball Classic games pitching against all your major league talents, not to mention up and comers from the best baseball nations and islands. I know he wasn’t a Cy Young candidate, but a few bad decisions and broken promises by the Mets organization made the difference in his career. He could have just as easily been a roster regular instead of critic-fodder for the likes of you. I guess he should have taken PIDs; he’d still be on a roster hurling 94MPH heat, and have the fat paycheck to boot. At least he played for the love of the game.


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