Tick Tock Goes The Clock

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Tick, tock! Tick, tock! So says the clock.

It seems the Mets have finally reached a breaking point with Oliver Perez. From what I am hearing, the Mets had a meeting with Perez and once again he refused to go down to the minors. It is his right, however unfortunate it seems. So now the Mets are in a position where they will have to cut him. Should they? Will they?

To all Mets fans, the New York Mets are considering this. At least that is what some rumors are. They are sick of his ineptitude when it comes to pitching. Even his teammates have had enough and are making the plea to management to get him off the team.

You have to think about this. The refusal by Perez to go to the minors his painting him as someone who is selfish. He cares not about the team, just about his money.

How is Perez going to learn to pitch? At this point, he will not. The minors are not the answer either. Jerry Manuel was asked how will he use the pitcher. His response was possibly in extra innings. But even the manager admitted to the fact it will be hard.

When one of the players heard this, they made this comment:

What, we need another 20-inning game and then use him after we’ve used all our pitchers and if a position player’s sinker isn’t biting?

Well this comment says it all. Perez is not a nobody who was a somebody. Perez is a never was. You do not take chances with pitchers who never were because there is nothing for them to get back. I understand if he just lost his stuff. But Perez never had it.

So now the Mets are not just being pushed by the media and the fans to get rid of him. The players, the teammates of Oliver Perez, are now pleading with management to cut ties with him. Even management cannot be that inept. Then again, this is the New York Mets. They reek of ineptitude.

Want a good read? Check out the trade idea from MLB Trade Rumors. Interesting to say the least.

Source: New York Post

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Actually, Perez had a great year in 2004 winning 12 with era of 2.98. He also only gave up 145 hits in 196 innings while striking out 239! Wow.
2007 wasn’t that bad either, was it? 15 wins, 3.56 era, 153 hits in 177 innings. 2008 was worse with only 10 wins, 4.22 era but I wouldn’t say that he was a “never was”.

Also, doesn’t he still get paid if he goes down to the minors? I think the team still has to pay his contract.


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