Injury A Non-Issue

By / June 4, 2010 / 2010 Season, Injuries

You have to feel sorry for Daniel Murphy. Think about it. First he gets injured. Then he loses his job a la Ty Wigginton: to a rookie. Now it gets worse with a high-grade MCL tear of his right knee. So he will miss four to six months. That’s Mets talk for we’ll see him next year. Which is fine. He is learning a new position anyway. He would not be ready for a good while. The Mets have it all covered with Ike Davis.

I mean, Murphy is not exactly missed right now. Right? Right! The only drawback is that he will not be playing in his new found position for four to six months.

One thing is for sure, Murphy is not an all-around utility player. He is not going to be playing the outfield. If you’re like me, you are still having recurring nightmares about his days out there. Maybe a utility infielder. Which is pretty good considering the Mets really do not have one.

So he will probably be playing some winter ball to get him going again. If he wants to have a shot at making the team out of the 2011 spring training, he better.

As for who will take Luis Castillo’s spot in the event he goes down on the disabled list with foot injuries. Well it will have to be Alex Cora. He has done it in the past and did a bang up job.

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